What About Estonia Piano

Estonia Piano grand and concert pianos emerged from a brilliant concept – crafting instruments by hand with the absolute top-notch materials and exclusively collaborating with European suppliers. The aim was clear – to establish the present-day benchmarks and employ the most skilled craftsmen and finest components to produce an unsurpassed, yet reasonably-priced piano that stands out in the global market. So, What About Estonia Piano

Mission Accomplished!!!

What About Estonia Piano

What About Estonia Piano

1. Starting The Piano – Welcome To Mesmerizing – The Frame And Rim

With the aid of strong and reinforced support beams, we achieve a remarkable state of balance that guarantees long-lasting durability. To achieve this strong foundation, Estonia Piano selects and meticulously shapes multiple layers of carefully chosen woods from Northern Europe, using traditional manual techniques. These woods are expertly fused together using the highest quality adhesive. Employing time-tested traditions, our modern rim presses produce the most reliable rim for each of our piano models.

Once the bending of the layers is successfully accomplished, the outer frame is gently detached and put aside for the curing phase. This allows the materials to blend and settle into their initial form. In anticipation of the ultimate finishing step, the wooden frame undergoes a thorough lacquering process meticulously applied to guarantee a smooth and impeccable coating.

What about Estonia Piano – These measures are implemented to strengthen the overall durability of the instrument and enhance its visual appeal. The unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulousness is evident throughout the entire process of crafting the Estonia Piano, both in the visible and hidden aspects. By blending the skillful artistry of our craftsmen with top-notch materials, we produce instruments that mesmerize the gaze and enchant the spirit with their exquisite harmonies.

Estonia Piano Craftsmanship

Estonia Piano Craftsmanship

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary combination of artistic and technical brilliance as the pianos awaken and embody the flawless balance of beauty and efficiency. Indulge yourself in the captivating realm of our meticulously designed instruments and discover the astonishing influence they possess. From their unwavering durability to the radiant elegance, Estonia pianos serve as a testament to the everlasting charm of exquisite handiwork and the magical marvels it can unleash.

2. Born From Perfection: Here We Reveal The Mastery Of Our Careful Designed Iron Plates

Our iron plates embody the timeless tradition of piano making, crafted with skill and expertise from Europe and sourced from our esteemed Finnish heritage.

To ensure impeccable quality, every plate goes through an extremely high standard that upholds the absolute best practices in plate manufacturing. Through the sand cast process and meticulous curing, each plate undergoes careful processing to create the finest quality available.

After a rigorous testing process, only the highest-grade plates pass the final examination and earn approval to move forward to the next level of finishing.

By utilizing the immense potential of advanced technology, Estonia manages to effortlessly turn ordinary surgical procedures into absolute masterpieces. Seasoned artisans, equipped with their vast expertise, meticulously enhance and refine each individual plate until it exhibits a dazzling, mirror-like sheen. Perfection is the utmost priority, leaving absolutely no room for imperfections. And to escalate this magnificent beauty further, every minute detail is subjected to rigorous sound testing, ensuring that the harmonious section of the plate flawlessly resonates with the precise sound.

It’s no surprise that Estonia plates are highly revered and celebrated at global events and across Europe. They are often described as flawless. The mere presence of this plate in the piano enhances the musical experience, allowing each note to resonate with unmatched clarity and brilliance.

Welcome to a realm where creativity combines with technical expertise, and our pianos embody both strength and beauty in perfect harmony. Prepare to be amazed by the transformative power of our carefully constructed iron plate, where traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation come together to create instruments that touch the soul and captivate every sensation.

3. Can A Soundboard Really Be Perfect?

You will be amazed by the incredible experience of how Estonia selects the soundboards for each and every piano they create. These works of art from nature require a deeper understanding of wood grains, the nature of wood and how they grow in order to truly appreciate their profound impact on the musicality of Estonia pianos.

Estonia Piano Soundboard

Estonia Piano Soundboard

Every soundboard produced by Estonia is sourced from the absolute best materials found in the Swiss and Italian Alps. These trees have an incredibly slow growth pattern, evident in the intricate growth rings per square inch. Once selected by hand paying careful attention to these growth rings and patterns, these materials are transported to the factory where they undergo a careful selection and matching process. Once each plank has been approved they are expertly assembled into the final refined soundboard.

What about Estonia Piano – Only the highest quality spruce makes its way to the Estonia Piano Factory, where the skilled craftsmen pour their years of expertise into creating the most enchanting and captivating soundboards for your piano.

The unique quality of our resonance spruce soundboards goes beyond just their origin and selection process. The unwavering dedication to achieving perfection in sound is what sets Estonia pianos apart. When you hear the ethereal melodies flowing from our pianos, you will be transported to the vast landscapes of Scandinavia, fully immersed in the untouched beauty of Estonia and embraced by the rich history and traditions of Northern Europe.

Our utmost priority lies in treating the wood in a way that allows the musical tones of our pianos to be as natural and pure as possible. Take a moment to listen to the sounds and you will witness the true essence of nature’s intended harmonies.

4. A Bridge And Pin Block To Celebrate

Each bridge on every Estonia piano undergoes meticulous crafting and precise placement to achieve optimal string termination and perfect resonance for each individual string. The essence of perfection lies in the exceptional craftsmanship that drives the entire process.

The pinblock’s foundation is crucial for both the tuning process and stability. Crafted by Dehonit, using only hard rock maple which is the finest material available then undergoes a thorough inspection for maximum assurance. This is only one of many components that hail from Germany.

What about Estonia Piano – In our relentless pursuit of perfection, our collaborative efforts extend far beyond the walls of the workshop. Through a harmonious partnership between the esteemed Estonia Piano Factory, Tallin University of Technology, and revered specialists from across Europe, we have developed a unique scale design. This meticulous approach takes into account the length, thickness, and spacing of the strings on each piano, ensuring a harmonious balance and a luxurious range of tones that resound with artistic brilliance.

The enchanting blend of skillful workmanship and ingenious ideas epitomizes the Estonia adventure. Delve into the enigma of Estonia pianos, where creative talent and technical brilliance merge to form a magnificent work of art that will ignite your passion and enhance your musical prowess.

What Can Be Exciting About A Keybed?

Glad you asked.

5. Exceptional String Design And Perfectly Engineered Key Sets

Every individual string goes through an exceptional process where careful consideration is given to select the right wire for each note, ensuring absolute perfection and alignment with Estonia’s sound design. The wire for each note is meticulously chosen, with the assistance of European partners, and then measured precisely according to specific requirements.

What About Estonia Piano – The European wire used in every note is sourced from suppliers in Europe, and the bass wound strings are skillfully wound to exact specifications based on extensive experience in sound design. Estonia takes great care and attention to ensure the strings are flawless before they are installed.

Furthermore, each string is carefully wound onto the tuning pin three times before being inserted into the pinblock.

Rather than simply ordering key sets in bulk like most manufacturers, Estonia Piano takes the extra step to create each key with utmost precision and accuracy. Each key undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure top-notch quality and ideal weight.

Estonia Piano Strings

Estonia Piano Strings

Although the uniqueness of each wooden key may result in slight variations, Estonia goes above and beyond to guarantee that every single key holds the exact weight and dimensions required for optimal performance. The production of these remarkable keys is in partnership with the renowned company Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH from Remscheid, Germany. Again – Estonia Piano is using the very best of the very best in the global industry.

6. Here’s A Secret – Each Portion Of The Duplex Scaling Is Tuned To Match Each Individual Note

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary skill of tuning the duplex scaling of Estonia grand pianos, creating a level of grandeur that is unmatched.

Not only are the front duplex scaling tuned to perfection, but the rear duplex is also meticulously tuned, resulting in a symphony of harmonious overtones that takes the sound of the piano to unprecedented heights.

By incorporating movable duplex aliquots, Estonia’s highly trained technicians have the ability to fine-tune the instrument and customize it to meet the artistic preferences and unique acoustics of any performance venue. This level of precision and control over the sound is a rare privilege that only a select few of the world’s finest pianos possess.

In the pursuit of creating the ultimate musical journey, Estonia Piano goes all out when it comes to the treble strings. These strings are carefully crafted with the finest wire available, guaranteeing exceptional brilliance and clarity that beautifully resonates from every stroke of the keys. We also understand the importance of the bass strings, which receive even more attention and craftsmanship. Partnering with esteemed craftsmen outside the Estonia Piano factory walls, we ensure that each bass string is made with precision and care.

Get ready to be truly astounded by the extraordinary tone, clarity, and vibrant colors that are exclusive to Estonia.

7. Estonia Piano Action – The Center Of The Piano – What About Estonia Piano

Deep within the core of every piano lies its beating heart – the action. This remarkable mechanism is the precise link between your fingers and the majestic sound that resonates from the strings. Every single part involved in this breathtaking process is what we call the action of the piano.

The absolute perfection of the action is undeniably the most crucial aspect in the remarkable journey of crafting a piano. Why is it so paramount, you ask? Well, when you press down a key, it sets off a magnificent chain reaction – the hammer gracefully rises and strikes the string. The force you exert upon the key directly dictates the volume and richness of the sound produced.

What About Estonia Piano – Now, imagine the consequences of a faulty action or poorly designed mechanism. You would be deprived of the ability to strike the strings with accuracy, depriving the instrument of its true potential. Moreover, such flaws would rob you of the effortless joy when playing even the simplest melodies, forcing you to put in more effort than necessary.

Unlock the true power of your piano with the Estonia Action – a testament to precision, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection. Elevate your musical journey and experience sheer delight as your fingers effortlessly dance upon the keys, unleashing a world of captivating melodies.

Estonia Piano Action

Estonia Piano Action

First and foremost, the key itself must undergo meticulous craftsmanship, with careful construction, sanding, and a perfect fit to the key frame. This ensures that the initial keystroke is flawlessly smooth and gives off the desired sensation.

Moving on to the next aspect, it is essential to properly regulate the “whippen” component to ensure that the hammer receives the accurate thrust needed to produce the desired sound when it strikes the string. Achieving this precision relies on unwavering accuracy in assembling each individual part of the “whippen.”

What About Estonia Piano – Estonia takes great care in accomplishing these objectives by forging partnerships with reputable vendors and action manufacturers. When it comes to the action itself, they work in collaboration with the world-renowned Renner company, known for their exceptional craftsmanship in constructing whippen parts.

Overall, Estonia strives to surpass expectations and deliver a piano experience like no other by placing utmost importance on craftsmanship and partnering with industry leaders in the production process.

Renner is widely regarded as one of the top-notch creators of action parts on a global scale. Estonia, being aware of their excellence, relies on this esteemed action manufacturer for constructing their own action components. In fact, each model produced by Estonia incorporates the renowned action parts from this worldwide acclaimed builder.

The Ideal Sound And The Ideal Construction

It is essential to ensure that the “whippen” is perfectly aligned with the key, maintaining an impeccable relationship with the hammer and string. Achieving 100% accuracy in these aspects is crucial in order to create an ideal striking point. Furthermore, the meticulous regulation of all these components must seamlessly come together, resulting in a flawless and harmonious operation.

What About Estonia Piano – Estonia puts in immense effort to ensure that every component of the piano is in complete sync with one another, resulting in flawless melodies and an enjoyable performance.

8. Achieving Vocal Excellence

Voicing serves as a crucial step in the pursuit of flawless sound. Skilled technicians meticulously ensure that each hammer strikes the string at the precise strike point, resulting in the ideal tone. It is imperative that the hammer unites harmoniously with the string, creating a harmonious and delightful sound.

Once the strike point is established and each hammer is perfectly positioned, the technician can proceed to “voice” the hammer, thereby delivering the desired tone.

It requires the utmost focus and attention as every note is struck, with the technician carefully analyzing the sound of each tone. The objective is to ensure consistency across all 88 notes. You might have encountered pianos that sound excessively bright or excessively mellow, which indicates the need for proper voicing. When critically listening to a piano’s tone, even a slight variation among neighboring notes can be discerned.

The reason behind this distinction may lie in the way it is voiced. What About Estonia Piano

Estonia Piano Voicing

Estonia Piano Voicing

Picture yourself witnessing the Flaminco guitar maestro strumming the guitar strings with his fingertips. The resulting melody is soothing and pleasant to the ears. NOW, envision that same guitar player opting to strum the strings with a pick instead. The sound produced will be much crisper and radiant in its tonality.

This very scenario unfolds with the piano as well. If the hammers are too firm, the sound can become overly vibrant. Conversely, if the hammers are too gentle, the sound takes on a mellower quality. This can prove to be incredibly distracting when attempting to perform a profoundly emotive piece. One note seamlessly blends while the next note stands out in stark contrast.

The piano should strive for flawless harmony in its sound production and achieve a well-balanced tone across the entirety of the keyboard.

The process of voicing is quite simple. Once everything is completed, the expert technician will play each note to determine the unique qualities of its tone. Estonia is in search of a particular delightful sound, and the technician is incredibly skilled, having a discerning ear for precisely what that sound should be like.

Once the technician attains the appropriate tone, they must then transition from one note to the next to ensure complete harmony and consistency in the tonal effect. If a note exhibits an excessively bright sound, a specialized tool with sharp needles is utilized, gently inserted into the hammer.

If the notes are in close proximity, the technician can employ a chemical treatment to subtly adjust the tone. Should the note sound too mellow, they will use an iron-based technique to gently heat the hammer, resulting in a brighter tone. In instances where they can achieve a close match, a chemical treatment may be applied to slightly toughen the hammer, enhancing the brightness of the tone.

The entire process may require a few hours to accomplish, and it is crucial to carry it out at the factory level to ensure that every piano is delivered to the dealer in optimal condition, accurately representing the expected sound of the instrument. Estonia adheres to this meticulous process for each and every model they produce for us.

You will easily notice from my comprehensive article that Estonia follows a straightforward process for every model they create. It’s no wonder why more and more people are gravitating towards Estonia, thanks to their meticulous manufacturing process and attention to every little detail.

This is what sets Estonia apart from the competition. Their focus on details surpasses all others. As a dealer, I truly value this. When the piano arrives at our store, all I need to do is tune it and display it with complete confidence in its exceptional performance.

Rarely do I need to provide any additional service to the piano upon delivery because it comes out of the box in sheer perfection.

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

R. Kassman Piano known by some as The Best Piano Store in the Bay Area has proudly represented Estonia Piano for many years.  I have had personal experience with Estonia for at least 15 years myself. I am happy to help guide you on your journey to owning a new Estonia Piano. What About Estonia Piano

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