The History Of Estonia Piano Company

When it comes to discussing a company’s history, it can be quite challenging to cover everything. There are often important details that get left out, leaving the full story untold. However, I am determined to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the remarkable history of this outstanding company. To do so, I will make use of various resources such as Wikipedia, Estonia Piano Company, and others.

In a previous article, I referred to Estonia Piano Company as a well-kept secret, even going as far as describing it as “mysterious”. With this article, my intention is to unveil some lesser-known facts about this extraordinary company.

The Beginning

Estonia Piano Soundboard

The History Of Estonia Piano Company

It’s truly astonishing how far back the history of piano production in Estonia goes; dating all the way back to 1779. In the late 1800s and well into the 1900s, the piano industry experienced an incredible boom, proudly boasting a staggering number of almost 20 piano manufacturers.

One of the leaders of manufacturing during this period was a gentleman by the name of Ernst Hiis-Ihse.  (You may have to translate this link) He studied piano making at the Robert Rathke factory in Tartu, Estonia. He was afforded the opportunity to open his own small piano shop and began the process of building pianos in a very limited manner.

It was during this time that he made a piano for Stalin. Stalin was so impressed by the piano and with Hiis that he ordered him to move to Tallinn, Estonia and consolidate factories into what is now known as Estonia Piano Company.

Putting him directly in the center of the history of Estonia Piano Company. The first Estonia Piano was brought to the State Board in 1951 and for 40 years the company would continue to be State-Owned.

Mr. Hiis-Ihse passes away in 1964 leaving behind decades of designs and ideas of designs that would follow his legacy for many years to come.

In 1960 Mr. Enn Vork (you may have to translate this link) became the head engineer. He was quite accomplished in his own right. he was a well known composer of choral and Orchestral work and was also employed as an organist. This was the next step of the history of Estonia Piano Company.

 The Next Phase Of The History of Estonia Piano Company

Estonia Piano Company

The History Of Estonia Piano Company

The next few years were very rough for the history of Estonia Piano Company even to the point that one year they reported building only about 50 pianos (or less) in a years time.

In 1993, the factory became private and came under the management of its own staff. Despite the setbacks , the company’s fortunes were turned around by the visionary entrepreneur, Indrek Laul.

Determined that he could turn the company around, Laul invested in the company with his own money. With his investments and introduction of the company’s products to the American market, the firm experienced a remarkable revival.

Finally, in 1995, Indrek Laul, a talented piano student at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, took the reins of the company, securing its future success.

New Partnerships

Excitingly, Estonia started partnering with the most prestigious companies in Germany and began importing the right components and materials, including top-of-the-line Renner actions and hammers.

Even better is that by 2003, Estonia successfully completed and opened a brand new factory building to enhance our operations.

Fortunately, the pianos of today have shown remarkable quality and possess a one-of-a-kind, melodious singing tone.

With additional advancements made between 2003-2005, Estonia grand pianos have earned themselves a spot in the top tier of quality, according to Pianobuyer’s reputable ranking system.

Estonia Pride

In August of 2022 the Estonia national survey for the Estonian Postal Service issued a postage stamp to

Estonia Piano Postage Stamp - The History Of Estonia Piano Company

Estonia Piano Postage Stamp – The History Of Estonia Piano Company

commemorate Estonia Piano Company as ” a great and beloved product of Estonia” adding just another story in the history of Estonia Piano Company.

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