Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos continued:

Baldwin created Tall Baldwin upright pianos known as the 248 and the 6000 in Trumann, AR., which were truly remarkable. These pianos were unmatched in their string length and the size of the soundboard, thanks to their exquisite designs and use of superior materials. Baldwin pioneered the construction of their Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos with incredibly long string lengths and expansive soundboards, setting new standards in the industry.

Although they were quite pricey at the time, these pianos were not as widely sold as their smaller counterparts. However, let me tell you, they produced an awe-inspiring, magnificent sound. Take the 6000, for instance; its extraordinarily long strings and spacious soundboard made it comparable in size to a 6 to 7 foot grand piano.

Even after the final assembly of these pianos was moved to Baldwin China, they continued to manufacture the tall Baldwin upright pianos with the same specifications. And guess what? They retained the same power and brilliance as the pianos made entirely in the U.S., much to my surprise.

Furthermore, they persevered in crafting the tall Baldwin upright pianos models, adhering to the iconic American design complete with a robust maple hammer rest rail and the highly reliable accu-just hitch pins. As a result, these models have emerged as top-notch sellers, surpassing expectations as they now boast enhanced affordability and match the revered dimensions of the widely acclaimed Yamaha U3.

The New Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos Models

The 49" Baldwin Model BP5 In High Polish Rosewood

The 49″ Baldwin Model BP5 In High Polish Rosewood

The BP5 series are not only strikingly beautiful, they are powerful.  Although they measure at 50 inches tall the exact specs call this model a 49″ upright. The BP5 comes in two different colors.

Just like all the other Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos, the BP5 continues to adhere to the renowned Baldwin Scale Design, which is a precise method used to determine the optimal shape of the sound board area, length of the strings, and placement of the bridges and strike points. This design ensures that the piano produces the best tone and maintains balance across the entire frequency range.

Standing at a height of 125 cm (49″), the BP5 has a larger soundboard compared to most upright pianos the same height, allowing it to produce a full and powerful sound. The purity and balance of the 100% virgin wool hammers further enhance the longer strings of the BP5.

The Baldwin Model BP5 In High Polish Ebony

The 49″ Baldwin Model BP5 In High Polish Ebony

Additionally, Baldwin incorporates high-quality tonewoods and components that are used in their top-of-the-line professional pianos into the BP5, such as a spruce soundboard, solid two-ply beech and hard maple bridge, spruce ribs and back frame, and a 19 ply hard maple pinblock. The exquisite Full Blow Direct Action by Baldwin contributes to an exceptional and expressive playing experience by providing superior feel and response.


  The Newest 50″ Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos

The BPX5 is a HIT. The reason behind this is because not only does it produce the same characteristics as the “slightly” smaller BP5 it is also great looking.  It is the smaller counterpart of the next model we will be talking about here called the B252. It has sound escapement features on the front to let a little more sound escape from the piano.

Additionally, it only comes in satin mahogany. This piano has  a great music desk that will allow for an extended score or if you have multiple pages that you need to display at one time.  It is perfect for a church or institution where the need for multiple pieces of music need to be out all at one time.

The Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos Model BPX5 In Satin Mahogany

The Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos Model BPX5 In Satin Mahogany

One Note: While this piano is technically a 49″ and Baldwin advertises at such it does measure closer to 50″ which is why I chose to make that distinction.  It does however, have the exact same specs as the BP5.

Just like all the other Baldwin Upright Pianos, the BP-X5 continues to follow the highly regarded Baldwin Scale Design. This design is like a secret formula that ensures the best shape, string length, and placement of certain parts to create the most incredible sound possible. Standing at 125 cm (49″) tall, the BP-X5 has a larger soundboard than most upright pianos, giving it a rich and powerful sound.

The longer strings are made even better by the 100% virgin wool hammers, which provide purity and balance. Baldwin also uses top-quality tonewoods and components found in their professional pianos, like a spruce soundboard, solid two-ply beech and hard maple bridge, spruce ribs and back frame, and a 19 ply hard maple pinblock.

To further enhance your playing experience, Baldwin’s Full Blow Direct Action allows for a superior feel and response. Get ready for an expressive and inspiring time playing on the BP-X5!

The Big Daddy Of Upright Pianos

This astounding piano used to be known as the model 6000 now is the B252. It measures a full 52″ in height. There are no words to adequately express the sheer magnificence of this instrument. Personally, I have given my utmost endorsement to this piano, as it stands as one of my absolute favorites in its class. Not only is it sturdily built and of substantial size, but its personality is simply gargantuan.

The Tallest Of The Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos 52" Tall In Satin Ebony

The Tallest Of The Tall Baldwin Upright Pianos 52″ Tall In Satin Ebony

The longest bass string of this piano is comparable to that of a 7-foot grand, while the soundboard covers an area of over 6 feet and nearly 7 feet. These extraordinary dimensions set it apart from any competition in its category. While the Yamaha U3 may come close in terms of height, in my humble opinion, it cannot even begin to compare to the immense sound produced by this piano.

Believe it or not, I sell almost as many of these astonishing B252 Baldwin Pianos as the shorter and more affordable alternative. Simply put, the reason behind this disparity is quite straightforward – this piano is nothing short of extraordinary.

Naturally, I prefer the sound from the biggest uprights.  Baldwin’s tall uprights are just right for the person who wants the full experience of playing a grand piano but may not quite enough room for a grand.  This is the perfect model.

This, along with my previous article, rounds out Baldwin Pianos upright offerings as of the writing of this article. There may be some talking of adding an additional model but no official details have been announced.

R. Kassman has represented Baldwin Piano for many years now. As you may remember from my previous post, I also worked for Baldwin Piano and this was one of my best selling models even back then.

If you want to stop by and see this beauty, please don’t hesitate to let me know, drop by and let’s take a look.

Ric Overton