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The story of the pianoforte manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne, begins in the 1820’s in Thuringia, Germany. The second generation, Eduard Steingraeber, moved the facility to Bayreuth (Bavaria) in 1852 where it remains today under the tutelage of Udo Steingraeber, the sixth generation. Steingraeber and Söhne has been the recipient of numerous international prizes, as much for its innovation and technical improvements to the piano, as for its strict adherence to impeccable quality–a Steingraeber hallmark. Since 1906 world-renowned designers have fashioned Steingraeber piano cabinets and continue to this day. Crafting fewer than 250 pianos are each year, Steingraeber & Söhne is truly the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship….EST. 1852

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Recognizing that all structural components produce sound, Steingraeber uses only the most natural and resonating materials. The wood is never impregnated with chemicals, and only natural glues and paints are used in the case and acoustics area, including the iron frame,. The cabinetry consists only of solid wood – particleboard is never used in a Steingraeber instrument.

Steingraeber painstakingly selects the spruce used in its soundboards from valleys near Passau in eastern Bavaria. Each soundboard is tested and optimized individually and the dynamic range of Steingraeber is unmatched; a Steingraeber will play with more thundering power and also with more delicate subtlety than any other instrument. Coupled with Steingraeber’s action, employing Renner parts designed by Steingraeber, the completed product is without peer. This is truly a connoisseurs piano.

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