R Kassman and Pianos Plus Join Efforts

In 2021 Pianos Plus of Castro Valley join efforts with R. Kassman. Consequently, we are thrilled to announce that R.KASSMAN Piano now offers piano rentals and leases! As I suggested in my last blog “Changes In A Bay Area Piano Company” here are some details.

R Kassman and Pianos Plus

R. Kassman and Pianos Plus Join Forces

Several months ago, we had the opportunity to purchase a rental fleet when Pianos Plus of Castro Valley closed. It was the perfect opportunity for us to “dive headfirst” into the rental business by acquiring their piano rental fleet. We have inspected every piano in the fleet, and are proud to offer a vast range of pianos. Whether you are a novice or professional they are all offered at incredibly low monthly costs. Better yet, every rental comes with a credit towards the future purchase of any of our quality instruments.

Options Together With Pianos Plus

Early Music Instrument

BBC article on Music Instruments

Throughout the centuries, mankind has shown that every human being has the desire to make music. For some, this passion lasts a lifetime, but for others, it is a short-sighted desire that is quickly dashed. While investing in a beautiful upright or grand piano is always magnificent addition to the décor of any home. It is understandable that many are reluctant to invest thousands of dollars into an instrument.   They want to be sure they or their child will continue to show interest. Sometimes their busy schedules don’t allow enough time to practice. Others, who already have a passion for piano playing, are only in an area temporarily. Naturally, they shudder at the thought of having to move the piano around when their time in the Bay Area is through. Worse yet is the idea of having to sell their “ baby”.These are just some of the reasons that many consumers choose to rent or lease a piano rather than purchase one.

New Venture Between R. Kassman and Pianos Plus

Since 1979, when R. Kassman Piano started in San Francisco, the company never offered a rental program.  When we bought the company, we realized this was an area that needed to be corrected. If for no other reason, it would give more people the opportunity to have a piano in their homes.  It would also give our customers the opportunity to experience our quality of products and services at a lower initial cost. It fits perfectly with our mission statement “giving people the opportunity to experience a piano in their homes without a significant investment.” This is why “R. Kassman and Pianos Plus Join Efforts”!!!

Because of our hectic lifestyle in the Bay Area, the pleasure of making music and having fun has proven to be popular. Regardless of age, these incredibly affordable costs make it possible.

Simple Solutions With R. Kassman and Pianos Plus

Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions – Easy

Our simple rental requirements make it difficult at times to keep rentals always available in our showroom.

If you are ready to start your musical journey, regardless of your age or economic status, we can make it happen. Come see us and experience the benefits of making music! We know it is a big step, but we also know it is one you will come to cherish. After all, this was a big step for us too, but it is one I am so happy and proud that we made! With R. Kassman and Pianos Plus Join Efforts we will make it effortless.

Let me know how I can help.


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