Bring home a piece of musical history with R. KASSMAN.
Our ever-changing selection of previously owned pianos is comprised of many of the most renowned instruments you’ll find anywhere, such as Steinway, C. Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai and most others. At R. KASSMAN, we thoroughly inspect every piano we offer in order to verify that each meets its original performance specifications, and our expert technicians routinely restore them to original condition.
These meticulously refurbished instruments will bring a sound and aesthetic to your home that is nothing short of unique and majestic.
See below to view our current selection of previously owned pianos. Keep in mind that our collection changes regularly, so to see our most recent acquisitions, visit our showroom in Berkley.

Current Selection
Below is a sampling of some of our current pre-owned inventory

U3 1974 (2)

Yamaha U3 Professional Upright


In polished ebony, this gleaming piano looks and performs like new. Built in 1994, the piano was purchased new in San Francisco and has been in the same family ever since. It was just traded in for a German grand piano, and this instrument has a big sound for its pedigree. If you’re looking for a Yamaha upright, you owe it to yourself to try this piano.

Boston PE II 178, “designed” by Steinway & Sons – 2009


At 5’10 (Model 178), this 2009 classic grand piano, “designed” by legendary manufacturer Steinway & Sons, and crafted by Kawai, is a wonderful investment. From the Steinway website: “The Boston piano features a duplex scale, adapted from the famous Steinway & Sons design, which adds a harmonic richness that simply can’t be duplicated by other instruments in a similar price range… In comparison to other pianos, the Boston has lower string tension. This reduced string tension, along with a tapered soundboard, creates longer sustain, and a more singing quality in the tone (as well as longer piano life). A wealth of other engineering enhancements, including optimal placement of ribs, braces, and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability… In conjunction with a number of special technologies — unique patents of Steinway & Sons — the result is a powerful, sustained tone.

W. Hoffmann by C. Bechstein – 6’1 Polished Walnut


C. Bechstein, one of the most revered brands in piano history, crafts W. Hoffman instruments as their affordable piano brand with German pedigree. The website says “The entire instrument is made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe specialists” and from the sound and performance, it is easy to see why these are highly regarded instrument. Purchased new from us in 2014, this piano has been meticulously maintained. With a current new List Price of $63,350, this one – with a Full warranty and matching artist bench – should be the choice of any serious piano buyer.

Steinway D – 9′ Concert Grand – Classic Ebonized Finish

Wait until you hear this piano ROAR!  This Steinway D is a glorious sounding beast. Originally crafted in 1916, this piano was just completely restored  to exacting specifications by certified craftsmen. Steinway claims that this piano’s powerful bass and resonant treble is the standard by which all other concert grand pianos are measured. Parts and Labor warranted for 5 years, the piano is a pianist’s and investor’s dream.

Price Upon Request


Baldwin  SD10 – 9′ Concert Grand In Satin Ebony

The Baldwin SD10 is considered by many to be the finest Concert Grand piano ever built in the USA. Designed during Baldwin’s stewardship as owner of C. Bechstein of Berlin, the SD10 incorporates a full Renner built and designed mechanism, and European precision, with classic American sound. Famously used by such artists as Leonard Bernstein, Jose Iturbe, Michael Feinstein, Ferrante & Teicher, Marian McPartland and other Artists too numerous to mention here, nearly every major American symphony orchestra had an SD10 as one of its two concert instruments. This SD10 has been impeccably restored in our shop to original standards using only genuine and original components from Baldwin and Renner. You simply will not find a better concert grand.

Price Upon Request

Yamaha U1 – Ebony Polish


Let’s face it, the Yamaha U1 is the 48″ piano sought by most consumers who don’t play the piano, and it is our #1 traded-in piano. This U1, in polished ebony, is like new in every way and is a perfect specimen. If you like the sound and performance of Yamaha pianos, you will love this instrument. It has the original matching bench and a full warranty.

Yamaha 6′ Parlor Grand In Polished Ebony



Virtually the same as the Yamaha C3, the G3 was Yamaha’s signature grand piano in the 1980’s before the C series was introduced. Built in late 1981, this instrument has just been “refreshed” with new strings and tuning pins. It has a typical Yamaha sound of the era, and is warmer than the sound profile of current Yamaha products. You will be amazed at the value this piano represents, with a full warranty and matching artist bench.

Steinway M Satin Mahogany

Steinway Model M 5’7 Grand Piano In Satin Mahogany


GOLDEN ERA, 1932 Classic Steinway grand, in hand-rubbed Satin Mahogany, with ORIGINAL perfect soundboard. This instrument was just restored by certified technicians! While this grand is small in stature it has the depth and warmth of sound that has made Steinway a hallmark of the American piano sound. 10 year parts and labor warranty, with matching artist bench, this instrument is an excellent value.

Feurich Baby Grand In Polished Walnut


Used Feurich Baby Grand 5’3″


This German made 1918 Feurich 5’3” piano serial number 33611 was completely refurbished in 2019.

The cabinet has been completely refinished, the pin block restored, new pins, new strings, refinished plate, restored soundboard, replacement of necessary action parts, new hammers, restored and/or replaced hammer shanks, restored belly work and trap work.

Our master tech has done a complete regulation and voicing along with concert tuning.   Lovely rich sound with heavy touch.  Exactly what you would expect in a Feurich of this vintage.  Beautiful character and absolutely stunning cabinet work.

Measuring at 5’3” long X 5 ft wide this piano is perfect for the home with limited space requirements and a player who enjoys fine European craftsmanship.

Sauter 48″ Upright in Cherry Satin

Used Sauter 121 Cherry Satin Upright Piano


This German made 1998 Sauter 121cm piano serial number 106733 is in mint condition.

Measuring 48” high x 5’ wide, this piano is perfect for the home with limited space requirements and a serious player who enjoys fine European craftsmanship. Sauter’s double-repetition action is the same one used in grand pianos, a rarity for an upright.

Our master tech has done a complete regulation and voicing along with concert tuning. Beautiful clarity and bell-like upper register with sonorous bass. Features a stunning light blonde cherry wood with satin finish that would shine in any home, especially those with modern interiors. The grand-style lid can also be lifted on top for extra sound and wow-factor.

C. Bechstein 5’6″ Grand In Satin Ebony

C. Bechstein 5’6″ Grand In Satin Ebony


This 1901 C. Bechstein 5’6” piano serial number 57035 was completely restored in 2013.

The cabinet has been completely refinished, the pin block replaced, new pins, new strings,, refinished plate, restored soundboard, replacement of necessary action parts, new hammers, restored and/or replaced hammer shanks, restored belly work and trap work.

Our master tech has done a complete regulation and voicing along with concert tuning.  This piano still has original ivory keys.

Measuring at 5’6” long X 5 ft wide this piano is perfect for the home with limited space requirements and a player who enjoys fine European craftsmanship.

Used Sauter 6’1″ Grand Piano

Used Sauter 6’1″ Grand Piano In Polished Walnut


This German made 1989 Sauter Delta 6’1” piano serial number 94065 in original condition.

The cabinet has been very well cared for.  R. Kassman originally sold this piano in 1989 and has been in the loving home of one owner since she traded it in. The pin block is in mint condition, pins are original, original strings, plate is in perfect condition, the soundboard has no cracks or ridges and has excellent crown, all the action parts are in great shape and has been regulated correctly, hammers have been voiced to original European voice, belly work and trap work set to standard specs.

The complete voicing and regulation has been completed and all returned to the original detail. European tone characteristics with lots of color is the best way to describe the sound. The touch is velvety smooth and even placement across the keyboard. This is definitely a Sauter piano.  The cabinet work is indicative of Sauter as well.

Measuring at 6’1” long X 5 ft wide this piano is perfect for a home that needs a beautiful piece of furniture BUT also for the player who enjoys fine European craftsmanship.

Steinway A 6’2″ In Satin Ebony

Steinway 6’2″ 1901 Grand Piano In Satin Ebony


This American made 1901 Steinway Model A 6’2” piano serial number 100441 has been professionally restored with Steinway parts.

The cabinet was completely refinished and restored back to its original luster in 2019. The pin block is in replaced with Bolduc pin block, pins are new nickel plated pins, strings were replaced with new Mapes strings, the plate was completely restored with hand lettering,  the soundboard was completely restored with no cracks or splits and original crown returned. all necessary action parts have either been replaced or restored as needed, hammer felts are new and have been voiced to the original specifications, belly work and trap work all restored and set to its original design.

Kassmans Master Technician has completely voiced and regulated the piano to concert expectations and returned its powerful American performance expectations. The touch, both upweight and down weight have been perfectly balanced and the piano is now ready for a happy home.

W. Hoffman Upright 49″

W. Hoffman By Bechstein 49″ Upright Piano In High Polish Ebony 


Measuring at 49″ this W. Hoffman is known as one of Europe’s finest upright pianos.  It was manufactured in 1997 in Czech Republic by Bechstein’s factory. It has a very European sound and the touch is very nice.

This size range of 49″ makes it one of the most popular sizes in the piano industry.  It has a lovely high polish ebony finish.  The most important part of any piano is not just how it looks and/or its size.  The most important part is the components that make the piano special.

The action of this model is made by Renner along with the hammers.  The hammers have been voiced and the action has been regulated to perform at the very best performance level that you would come to expect from Bechstein of Germany.

If you are looking for a quality upright, with fantastic sound quality, premium touch and gorgeous looks, This is your piano!!!

Steinway M Hologram

Rebuilt Steinway M 5’7″ In Customized Finish


This Steinway model M serial number 225012 measuring 5’7″ was rebuilt by one of the master rebuilders in Los Angeles.  The rebuilder is one of the best on the West Coast and has a reputation for not cutting corners to increase profits.

Obviously it has be rebuilt with a “hidden beauty” design using carbon fiber inlays to create an almost hologram appearance under the lid, around the inside of the rim and finished with nickel trim and a black iron plate that is handlettered with the original Steinway information used as a backdrop.

The action has been completely rebuilt using certified parts along with the pin block.  The hammers and strings are all new and meet the right criteria to make this a formidable instrument in anyone’s talent.

This piano is a work of art that has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Steinway Model F Upright In Walnut

Steinway Model F In Satin Walnut


This 1976 Steinway model F with serial number 442547 in Walnut measures at 42″ tall and is the absolute perfect piano for someone that wants class  in a smaller American case style.  The fluted legs adds a special design element that silently says “Class”.

The piano has one local owner who  has taken extremely good care of it and has had it tuned on a regular basis.  Maintained to the nth degree over the years and has been played only a small amount.

The hammers show minimal wear and the strings are still in perfect shape.  This piano is absolutely adorable and needs a happy home.