Music Brings Us Together

The state of the world is chaotic! It has become customary for us to tune into the news at home. Previously, I would arrive home in the afternoon, usually around 5:30 or 6, just in time to catch the local news and then the national news. Before sitting down for dinner, I would typically inquire, “anything new?” and watch the latest updates.

Music Brings Us Together

Music Brings Us Together

However, in recent months, I have found myself asking, “what’s happened now?” instead.

I won’t even bother delving into the details as there is no starting point. It’s a complete disaster! Whether it be within our own country, on a global scale, in relationships, among allies and enemies, or in the political realm, it’s all in disarray. The list goes on and on.

I Try To Avoid The Daily News

I came to the realization that I often get caught up in the constant exchange of information and become completely distracted. I have even found myself wanting to avoid keeping up with current events. I am the type of person who wakes up to the sweet sound of birds chirping and the warm rays of the sun, and not much happens to disturb my peace. I am consistently happy. I make an effort to see the positive aspects in even the most unpleasant individuals, and I take pleasure in bringing joy to others and witnessing their smiles.

This morning, I started pondering about what could alleviate the gloomy atmosphere and bring some happiness back into our everyday lives. The solution was surprisingly simple that it made me feel a sense of shame. MUSIC. Music has the power to unite us all.

What Is It?

Music possesses a certain enchantment. Even during our most difficult moments, music has a manner of bringing our spirits together. It aids us in sharing happiness, sadness, and excitement, and we can visually and emotionally perceive this when a lively and uplifting song plays. The atmosphere seems to shift. Music Bring Us Together.

This morning, I watched a funny video of a Grinch visiting a cancer hospital. He was an employee responsible for hospital cleanliness, who arrived with music blasting! As I observed the nurses, patients, families, and individuals in the vicinity, they all began to tap their feet, sway their hips a bit, and most importantly, wear smiles. Can you imagine that? A cancer ward filled with smiles and joyful movements.

Music Brings Us Together

Music kindles something within us. What is this “something”? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly. It’s that intangible aspect that makes you comprehend that you are experiencing the same emotions as the person beside you. It could be the recollection of where you first encountered that song, the idea that “things will improve,” or perhaps the sentimentality of the music granting you permission to shed a tear. Music Brings Us Together!

At the end of the day a simple melody can change the outlook of almost any situation. I happen to listen to religious music and a simple hymn melody will change the outlook of my day. For others, it may be classical, jazz, pop, blues, even bluegrass and rap can bring a certain happy memory that will shift the air in the room.

There is some music that I am not necessarily a fan of. While I appreciate it, I may not choose to tune to that station on my radio. Still there is something about music, even the music you may not like, that will change your outlook.

I think it may have to do with the formation of music itself.  The chords work in harmony (how long has it been since you thought of that word in any context) to create pleasing tones. The various chords and scales can elevate your spirit to almost heavenly places or can literally break your heart.

Everyone Is Affected

I believe that every person reading this has been impacted in some way by the recent disturbances occurring worldwide. I have numerous acquaintances who have experienced various effects. Some are grateful for their survival, while others are grieving the loss of friends or loved ones. My thoughts and sympathies are with all those facing distressing circumstances. Music Brings Us Together.

Music, Music, Music. I would wager that if we could assemble the leaders of the global community and compel them to attend a concert featuring a superb rendition of the “Ode to Joy” (which ClassicFM considers the most joyous composition), the world would begin to transform in certain aspects almost immediately. Whether it be a phenomenal gospel choir, an exceptional banjo player, or any other musician who possesses a profound passion for music, the impact would be profound.

Here Is An Idea

Undoubtedly, music possesses a distinct and influential capacity to unite people. It surpasses linguistic and cultural barriers, stimulates intense emotions, and cultivates a sense of camaraderie among individuals and communities. Envision this scenario:

  1. Share your musical expression: Extend an invitation to someone to attend a music concert featuring the kind of music you personally appreciate, and then experience another concert together.
  2. Cultural variances: Seek out a music venue that falls outside of your usual listening preferences, and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Attempt to connect with the cultural heritage associated with the music you are hearing. This may aid in adjusting your mindset to comprehend a heritage you may have never previously contemplated.
  3. Do not hesitate to reveal your feelings: I am not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Opera. One thing I can almost certainly promise is that when I listen to opera, I am frequently overcome with emotions. It is a highly sentimental experience for me.
  4. Identify the underlying meaning: While experiencing music that is unfamiliar to you, pay attention to the message being conveyed. Often, we merely listen to music without truly comprehending or feeling it. Take a moment. Listen for the underlying message.
  5. Cooperate with others: If you are a musician, singer, or dancer, seek out a different setting that falls outside of your comfort zone and collaborate with others. You can even share your knowledge and teach others what you have learned.
  6. Embrace the Healing and Therapy: Embrace the opportunity to connect with the therapeutic qualities of music and collaborate with a trusted individual to embrace the healing and therapeutic power that only music can convey.
  7. Engage in Dance and Movement: If you experience an inclination to stand up and move or even engage in dancing, go ahead and do it! Don’t let your reservations hinder you. If you sense your toes tapping, let them tap, if you feel your feet subtly moving, then move. If you notice yourself swaying a bit, surrender to it. DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!
  8. Advocacy and societal transformation: Throughout the chronicles, music has served as a potent tool for advocating and driving social change, uniting individuals with similar ideologies to rally in support of a cause.

In these ways and more, music serves as a universal language that unites people, transcending differences and promoting a sense of togetherness and harmony.

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