How to Revamp Your Career In The Entertainment Industry

How To Revamp your Career In The Entertainment Industry

How To Revamp your Career In The Entertainment Industry

Gone are the days when you have to live near Hollywood to work in the entertainment business. There are more remote work opportunities than ever, which means you can write, design, promote, and do a lot of other jobs from wherever you live.

Before the pandemic, work-from-home entertainment jobs were already trending upward. Now, production is starting to reemerge, leading more and more companies to rely on remote employees and freelancers to provide the services they need. If you’re looking to build your career in the entertainment industry, consider this advice from R. Kassman.


One direction many workers in the entertainment industry are taking is freelancing. Lear How To Revamp your Career In The Entertainment Industry. Being a freelancer or independent contractor essentially means that you work for yourself. You provide services to clients either by the hour or by the project.

There are many perks to becoming a freelancer. For one, you have the ultimate flexibility in virtually every aspect of your work. You get to choose the clients and jobs you take on and you get to choose how much work you commit to. Therefore, you can focus on finding jobs that accommodate your schedule, family life, and other priorities.

How To Determine How Much To Charge

You also get to determine your own rates as a freelancer. Of course, you will need to strategize what you charge. If your rates are too high, you might find trouble getting enough work (at least at first), but you don’t want to work for pennies either. You should also establish yourself as a business by forming an LLC, or a limited liability company.

This business structure is the most common, as it is flexible, inexpensive to start, and offers you liability protection. To form an LLC in California you only need to complete six steps, from choosing a name to filing specific paperwork. And if you’re afraid you might miss something, you can work with a formation service for a small fee.

And there are countless entertainment jobs for freelancers around the world. You could potentially work as a scriptwriter, copywriter, entertainment journalist, voice actor, audiobook narrator, audio editor, photo editor, graphic designer, marketing specialist, and many more. There are even jobs available for improv acting for virtual murder mysteries! Furthermore, if you prefer to be a full-time employee, many companies are hiring staff for these jobs.

Attracting Clients

Play the Piano in Public

Play the Piano in Public

If you choose to go the freelance route, you will need to learn how to build your brand and draw clients in. For instance, you will need to sign up on online job boards where you can showcase your skills and expertise, and potential clients can compare your rates and reviews to other candidates. You will also want to make a name for yourself on social media. The simplest way to start doing this is to research prospective clients and follow their accounts.

Use You Tube And How to Revamp Your Career In The Entertainment Industry

YouTube is a great way to show people who you are and what you can do. Start a channel and begin uploading videos of your work. You can even do some behind-the-scenes stuff and pair it with some Tik Tok videos. Banners are a great way to add advertising to your already stellar content. Luckily, there are great free resources to help you design one using a YouTube banner template. Simply scroll through the available templates, find one that fits your vibe, and customize it with your message. You can even change the colors and add images, too.

One of the most important parts of making clients want to work with you is to create an attractive, easy-to-use website. You should provide examples of your work, as well as informative and well-written content related to your industry. And your website and social media pages must clearly display your contact information so that clients can easily find and reach you. Moreover, prioritize networking, attend industry conferences and seminars, and develop professional relationships in your community. Learning How To Revamp Your Career In The Entertainment Industry can be challenging.

Honing Your Skills

Finally, if you need additional education or training on How To Revamp Your Career In The Entertainment Industry to excel in your profession, this transitional period in your life might be the best time to get your degree. For example, if you want to push yourself as a scriptwriter, content creator, or public relations specialist, consider getting your bachelor’s degree (or even master’s) in English, communications, or drama. If you want to build a career in graphic design, you may be able to get away with an associate degree in graphic design or a related field, but most professional designers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

This is How to revamp your career in the entertainment industry. These are just a few of many examples of educational requirements for entertainment professionals. At the end of the day, however, practice is the best education you can acquire. If you are confident in your skills and habitually teach yourself along the way, you can succeed without a high-level degree.


Thousands of people in the entertainment industry have struggled since the pandemic effectively stopped production. But all hope is not lost, and if you dedicate the time and energy necessary, you can rebuild your career in the industry. Consider the tips above, and keep learning how you can position yourself for a fulfilling career in entertainment that withstands the test of time.

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