How to Get Discovered And Break Into The Music Industry

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How to Get Discovered and Break Into the Music Industry

Have you always wanted to make a living in the music industry? Making the leap from hobbyist musician to paid professional can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. By taking the perspective of a business owner and treating your music career like a legitimate business venture, you can thrive in the music industry. Here are some tips from R. Kassman to help you get your music discovered!

Start With a Business Plan

Make a Business Plan

Make a Business Plan for your success

Before you do anything, put together a business plan. You must treat your music career like the business it is! Writing a business plan will encourage you to think about exactly how you’re going to manage and grow your business. This process will involve finding a niche for yourself, building a following, and promoting yourself to your audience. Your business plan should also include a description of how your business will be structured and what type of funding you’ll need to get started. You can learn more about writing an effective business plan in this guide on how to start a company.

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Update Your Resume and Start Marketing

Update your Piano career

Update Your Resume

Creating a musician’s resume is a great way to showcase your skills and performance experience to hiring managers in the music industry. A resume can help you land work as a music teacher, music director, session musician, or orchestra performer while you work on your own music business on the side! Before sending your resume to hiring managers, be sure to save it as a PDF. This will ensure your resume formatting remains as you intended. If you need to make edits to an existing PDF resume, just upload your file to an online PDF editor, make your edits, and download your new file for easy sharing.

Next, it’s time to advertise! While you can spread the word for free via social media, you should also include some old-fashioned approaches like business cards, as well. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by looking to find business card designs that fit well with your personal style but also clearly convey all the information your potential customers need to enlist your services.

How to Get Discovered And Break Into The Music Industry

Find a Mentor and Get Discovered and Break into the Music Industry

Find the Right Mentor

Find the Right Mentor

Whether you want to make it big as a musician or work behind the scenes in the music industry, finding a mentor can help you get the ball rolling. Your mentor will encourage, inspire, and push you to achieve your dreams. A great mentor will not only provide guidance and insight but also provide an external perspective on your music career and offer invaluable constructive criticism that will help you get better at your craft. Musical U suggests looking for music mentors at workshops and conferences. Just make sure your mentor is a good fit. They should share your vision and values and also believe in your potential as a musician.

Play Live Often

Play the Piano in Public

Play the Piano in Public

The more often you play music live, the greater your chance of being discovered by someone who has some prominence in the music industry. Beyond this, Sharp Note Music explains that playing live offers several other benefits to musicians. Performing will improve your public-speaking abilities, build confidence, and strengthen your ability to think on your feet. Playing and attending live gigs is also a great chance to hear others perform and learn something from your fellow musicians.

How to Get Discovered And Break Into The Music Industry

Build Your Personal Brand

As a budding musician, building your personal brand is vital to connecting with an audience and creating a community around your music. Try to build a brand that closely aligns with your personal values. After all, you want to attract listeners who can relate to your lyrics and style of music! Your brand will also help you stand out from the crowd of countless other musicians who are trying to get discovered. Let your personality shine, engage with your fans on social media, and stay true to your authentic self.

Earning a living as a professional musician requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. You’re bound to face setbacks and failures along the way, but it’s all part of the process. Do everything you can to increase your shot at success, including treating your career as a business, and you’ll get your big break before you know it!

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