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Grotrian Piano StoreFor decades, from his location in Berkeley California, R. Kassman has been the leading Grotrian Piano Store and an authorized piano dealer in the Bay Area for Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Ritmuller, Schulze Pollmann, Perzina and Hardman. For residents of Berkeley and the Bay Area there is only one solution when it comes to finding the best in used and pre-owned Grotrian pianos, grand pianos, upright pianos, digital piano, tuning, grand piano accessories and related services. R. Kassman is a reputable Grotrian Piano Store and authorized dealer. We have been serving piano lovers with quality new and used Grotrian pianos and upright piano models for many years and have won numerous accolades and accomplishments along the way. When it comes to buying a new Grotrian piano in Berkeley, there is no better place than R. Kassman pianos.

Our clients make the drive because we offer what no other Grotrian Piano Store can – Affordable Prices, Large Selection and the Highest Rated Customer Service in the industry. Drive a little further for the quality you deserve! While our Grotrian Piano store is located in Berkeley, we are convenient to the entire Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. Best San Francisco Grotrian Piano Store & Dealer for decades

Maybe no single musical instrument in the world carries the prestige and the elegance of a grand piano. The finest musicians in the world use grand pianos to record on and to play in concert. The finishing touch on the world’s finest homes and palaces is always a grand piano. The harp-like shape of a grand piano is both beautiful and powerful and so is the deep, rich sound that emanates from them. While some piano fans may choose an upright piano for spaces considerations, the overwhelming majority of piano fans know you simply can’t do any better than a Grotrian piano.’

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Georg Friedrich Karl Grotrian was born in Schöningen, Germany in 1803.He made the acquaintance of Theodor Steinweg who owned a small piano manufacturing company founded in 1835. In 1855 Grotrian entered into a partnership with Steinweg in his business and in 1858 the Grotrian-Steinweg company moved to Braunschweig Germany. In 1865 Theodor Steinweg sold his shares of the business to the Grotrians and left the company. Since then the Grotrian family has continuously been the sole proprietor and management of the company.

The turn of the century (1900) brought with it a wealth of new innovations in the art of piano building. Many of these advancements were introduced and patented by Grotrian, which not only advanced the quality of their own products, but pushed the construction of pianos forward. For example the homogeneous soundboard, the legendary upright model 120, the first precise scale design, the star-shaped back construction, and many more. The result of this pioneering momentum extends into the present and accounts for Grotrian’s consistent superiority in the field of piano design and construction.

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Today, with the sixth generation at the helm, Grotrian combines modern technology with the expertise that could only accumulate through 150 years of experience in the true art of piano-making. By 1974, Knut Grotrian (son of Helmut, fifth generation) was ready to advance into the future, and the company moved into a new state-of-the-art factory. Grotrian realized the dream of a couple of artists by combining 2 Grands under one special lid and connected by a soundboard bridge, a thus far unheard sound event. Both grands can also be used as solo instrument. The founders’ philosophy of uncompromised quality has been incorporated in each instrument since the beginning and remains the company’s hallmark today.

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Musicians choose R. KASSMAN above all San Francisco Bay Area piano shops because of our exceptional selection of custom, new and used pianos and our knowledgeable, experienced customer service. Come into our Berkeley, California Grotrian piano store to see, touch, and play our exquisite Grotrian pianos for yourself

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