Fine European Pianos – Part 2

Understanding The Different Types Of European Pianos

Many individuals believe that picking a piano is a breeze. If you are new to playing or haven’t yet honed your ability to discern tones or comprehend the significance of touch in your overall performance, it may appear effortless to randomly select one and proceed.

Fine European Pianos at R. Kassman Piano

Fine European Pianos at R. Kassman Piano

Just like any other aspect of life, when you stumble upon the enchantment of love, your eyes are opened to the wonders that existed all along, but you never truly saw. Let’s take wine as an example. Personally, I’m not an expert in the world of wine, so any bottle would suffice for me. However, I have a friend who becomes genuinely disheartened if a glass of wine doesn’t perfectly complement the occasion.

I absolutely love pianos and believe that everyone should have the chance to own one. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of having multiple pianos in our homes. But that’s perfectly okay! You just have to find the perfect piano that suits your needs and meets certain criteria.

Selecting A Fine European Piano

Selecting a magnificent European Piano may seem intimidating at first glance because each one is unique and special in its own way. However, this should be an exciting and thrilling experience for you!

The diversity in pianos stems from their unique scale designs. Scale design directly influences the construction process, including the choice of strings, the orientation of the wood grain in the soundboard, the weight and type of hammers, and the action and touchweight. The scale design encompasses various factors that contribute to the overall characteristics of a piano.

When we examine the unique structure of pianos, they vary just like any luxurious car you’ll ever cruise in. Once you get the chance to be in front of various piano brands and actually play them, you’ll truly appreciate their distinctions. The playing experience, the tactile sensation, and unquestionably the captivating sound produced by each piano will inspire you.

Years ago during the sales process, we used to discuss the construction process, and customers would be worried that their piano would just break apart one day. But that was absurd! Nowadays, our customers are more knowledgeable and can easily see through those exaggerated tales and focus on the actual facts.

Differences In Fine European Pianos

Steingraeber Piano

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The unique sound of a Steingraber Piano can be described as rich and soothing. This is a result of the meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in the piano’s construction. The pianos are intentionally built to produce the distinct and full-bodied sound that you experience when playing a Steingraber Piano. It’s truly a remarkable and enchanting sound.

Grotrian Piano

The sound design of the Grotrian Piano possesses a unique character. One could describe the sound as being slightly more vibrant. It exudes a sense of precision and control, avoiding the metallic and bright tones often found in Japanese pianos. Instead, it offers a brighter sound that is distinctly clearer and cleaner.

Estonia Piano

Moving on to the Estonia piano, its sound is even more distinct. The Estonia delivers a direct, powerful sound that is exceptionally clean. Despite having the same downweight and upweight as other pianos, its touch feels noticeably lighter, providing a heightened sense of playability.

Estonia Piano Soundboard

Estonia Piano Company

Wilh. Steinberg Piano

In a league of its own, the Wilh. Steinberg stands apart from the rest. Its sound is as light as a feather, creating an incredibly comfortable and gentle musical experience. Crafted entirely in Eisenberg, Germany, this piano possesses an almost fragile quality, adding an additional layer of delicacy to its sound.

It is possible to argue that the European sound can be described as more symphonic in essence, while other sounds may be characterized as percussive. The piano, for instance, falls under the definition of a rhythmic instrument, but the symphonic sound carries a sense of elegance and pleasantness. I’m not completely certain if that explanation made sense, but I hope it did.

Consider envisioning a Flamenco guitarist who plays with the gentle touch of their bare fingers. However, if you were to provide this same guitarist with a guitar pick, guess what? The sound would become much livelier and vibrant.

Listening For The Sound

Now here’s the challenging part. When it comes to the type of sound you prefer, there is no right or wrong answer. For instance, I personally enjoy a deep and soothing sound, while someone else may prefer a bright and lively sound. Neither of us is correct or incorrect in our preference. There is no such thing as a perfect sound. It simply boils down to personal taste.

Fine European Pianos

Fine European Pianos

We strive for an ideal touch and touch response in our pianos. Our goal is to achieve a perfect downweight of 50 grams and a proper upweight of 20 to 25 grams, as desired by most technicians. This is what we aim for in the exceptional performance of our European pianos.

Based on my experience with European brands, I have found that when they arrive in the store, they are ready to be played. Of course, they may need to be tuned, but very little else. Considering the premium price you pay, it is only fair to expect perfection. While some manufacturers are willing to ship via sea freight, there are a few select companies that only air freight their pianos. For example, Grotrian agrees to sea freight, whereas Steingraber does not. These differences highlight the varying approaches taken by manufacturers.

R. Kassman Piano

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Mr. Kassman embarked on his journey in 1979, starting off humbly in a tiny space with only a handful of pianos. Determined to find his path, he began exploring the world of exquisite European Pianos, and his intuition paid off brilliantly. For the past four decades, he has forged a remarkable reputation and established a thriving business in this specialized corner of the piano industry.

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

Ever since its inception, R. Kassman Piano has been renowned as the ultimate destination for top-notch pianos in the Bay Area and the best piano store in the bay area. Fast forward over 40 years, Mr. Kassman took the time to sit with me, contemplating the idea of propelling R. Kassman even further. Without hesitation, I proudly agreed to carry on the legacy of sourcing and selling the finest European Pianos available. As a result, we now find ourselves offering some of the most prestigious brands in the industry and standing tall in the face of our remarkable accomplishments.

We proudly carry the same renowned brand names that Mr. Kassman did, with a few slight adjustments to our inventory. We have enriched our collection with some fantastic new additions.

If you’re interested in discovering the unique qualities of Fine European Pianos, why not pay us a visit? We’d be thrilled to welcome you and assist you in finding the perfect instrument for your musical journey.

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