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Hello, my name is Ric Overton and I think many people would agree that we have a certain love of all things European.  We have come to expect a higher quality of product when it comes from Germany or most any of the European nations.  We look at Mercedes and BMW or perhaps Jaguar and Range Rover with a different idea of what we expect out of our automobiles as compared to Ford or Chevrolet and even Cadillac to some extent.

That same thought process would apply to time pieces such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and others.  We have a certain expectation of quality and may even have more respect for such brand names. We consider Harrods and Louis Vuitton, even Prada and Gucci to have a certain class and an even higher expectation of

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The same can be said of a European Piano. I noticed that in the latest edition of Piano Buyer and International Piano Magazine that the European brand names lead the pack as far as performance pianos.

The most famous brand names in the piano business such as the New York Steinway, Japanese brands Yamaha and Kawai  are not found among the top ranked pianos in the world in either Piano Buyer or International Piano magazine. European Piano brand names lead the pack in this category.

The reason for this is because the craftsmen in the European Piano companies are extremely well trained and have a personal relationship with the products they are producing.

One very unusual thing is that European Piano manufacturers spend very little money on advertising as compared to their American counterparts. The attitude differences regarding the European Piano brand names are very different than they are in many other countries.


Fine European Pianos

Fine European Pianos

European piano brands have gained a global reputation for their remarkable skill, outstanding acoustics, and deep musical tradition. They are often regarded as the epitome of piano craftsmanship because of their unwavering dedication to precision, use of top-notch materials, and the inheritance of centuries of piano-making mastery in Europe. The very first pianos on the planet were European Pianos.

Steingraeber - Germany

Fallboard of Steingraeber Piano

The exceptional quality of a European piano lies in their unparalleled craftsmanship. With expert artisans at the helm, each piano is meticulously constructed with great care and precision, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. From the careful selection of premium woods to the final finishing touches, these craftsmen pour their heart and soul into every step of the process.

The use of high-quality materials is a distinguishing feature of a European piano. Only the finest woods, such as spruce for soundboards and maple for the piano’s rim, are chosen to create these magnificent instruments. These materials not only enhance the piano’s resonance and tonal qualities but also contribute to its overall durability and longevity. To ensure the highest level of excellence, a European piano is crafted using woods that have been carefully aged and seasoned, adding a touch of additional refinement and distinction to their already remarkable sound.

The sound quality of a European piano is widely praised and admired for its unique and intricate characteristics. A European piano possesses a tonal range that is often described as warm, rich, and multifaceted, allowing for the beautiful expression of both delicate and powerful playing.

When it comes to their design, European pianos showcase a timeless and sophisticated sound. The combination of traditional elements and contemporary sensibilities results in pianos that not only excel as musical instruments but also add a touch of elegance to any space as exquisite pieces of furniture.

In addition to upholding traditional craftsmanship, European piano manufacturers embrace modern technology and innovation to improve the playability and performance of their instruments. This commitment to innovation ensures that pianists can fully explore their creativity and achieve outstanding results.

The European piano manufacturers boast an impressive heritage that stretches back through multiple generations. This rich history shines through in the exceptional instruments they create, showcasing the wealth of knowledge and skill that has been handed down since the 1700’s in some cases.

Estonia Piano Company

The History Of Estonia Piano Company

These esteemed European piano makers prioritize quality above all else and produce their instruments in limited numbers. This deliberate approach heightens the allure and attractiveness of their pianos, making them highly sought after and prized by collectors.
An exceptional European piano especially German and Austrian pianos embody the ultimate result of countless generations dedicated to crafting remarkable instruments and pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. Their rich heritage permeates the realm of music, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for performers, composers, and admirers alike.


European grand and upright pianos of exceptional quality provide an expansive spectrum of tones, empowering pianists to delve into a plethora of musical genres and styles. The exquisite equilibrium of various pitch ranges, the quick and nimble touch response, and the intricate and rich harmonics all amalgamate to foster unmatched versatility. According to European Piano Builders Associations such as the Europiano Congress:

  1. Heritage and Tradition: Many European piano makers have a long and impressive history that spans several generations. This incredible legacy is evident in their instruments, as they consistently uphold traditional methods while also incorporating modern improvements. The wealth of knowledge and expertise that has been passed down over the years adds to the distinctive qualities of these pianos.
    Fine European Piano

    Fine European Pianos 

  2. Innovation: A European piano not only harbor a strong connection to tradition but also embrace innovation. Manufacturers effectively blend state-of-the-art technology and advancements in piano design to enhance playability, tuning stability, and overall performance. This fusion of tradition and innovation truly sets them apart in the ever-changing world of piano production.
  3. Regional Variations: Different European piano manufacturers often have their own regional characteristics and traditions. For example, Austrian pianos are known for their Viennese sound, while German pianos like Grotrian and Steingraeber have their own unique tonal qualities.
  4. Artistic Expression: A Fine European piano will allow a pianist to fully express their musical intentions and emotions. The responsiveness of the keyboard, the control over dynamics, and the subtleties of touch enable pianists to convey a wide range of emotions and musical nuances.

In summary, the combination of exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, distinctive sound, heritage, innovation, and design aesthetics all contribute to setting a fine European piano apart as some of the most sought-after and revered instruments in the world of music.

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The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area

The Best Piano Store In The Bay Area


Since 1979 R. Kassman Piano has been the Purveyor of Fine Pianos for the San Francisco Bay Area.  Mr. Kassman ( the original R. Kassman ) prided himself in selling the very best pianos he could.  He has represented many European brand names. When I ( Ric Overton ) purchased the company from him I agreed to carry on the tradition of selling European Brand name pianos because of our expectation of quality, the quality of tone and the playability of the instrument.

I feel that the piano should be a pleasure to play and that you should enjoy your time behind the keyboard every time you sit and play. I believe in the European experience and that the instruments we carry are among the finest in the world.

Drop by and have your own European experience and see for yourself the difference that these fine instruments can deliver. Visit our online store for more information.

Ric Overton