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当您浏览R. KASSMAN 的收藏系列时,看到的是历史沉淀于这些制作最杰出的钢琴,许多表演家、作曲家、指挥家、流行艺术家、和名人都把这些高品质的乐器作为自身品艺的象征,没有什么比这些更能证明这些钢琴的魅力。

直至今日,音乐行业中许多赫赫有名家喻户晓的人物都在R. KASSMAN寻求所需的钢琴以及服务。其中大名鼎鼎的客户数不胜数:从大型机构如旧金山歌剧院 (San Francisco Opera)与旧金山交响乐团(San Francisco Symphony),到创新者斯蒂夫·乔布斯 (Steve Jobs),甚至艾美奖与格莱美奖的多项提名的表演家迈克尔·范斯坦 (Michael Feinstein) 。他曾总结 R. KASSMAN 顾客的一致同感:“R. KASSMAN拥有优质钢琴,提供最佳的钢琴配套服务。我在海湾地区找不到另外一家能与R. KASSMAN媲美”。

“San Francisco is blessed with a great number of performing arts organizations, both large and small. Each of them is vital to the unique, exciting cultural life of this city. R. KASSMAN Piano’s association with many of these groups is one of long standing, marked by diligence, great care, and happy results. Personally and professionally, I have benefited from my long affiliation with R. KASSMAN Piano. Every success encountered by R. KASSMAN Piano in their new facility will be greatly merited and highly deserved.”
"Robin Sutherland
Principal Pianist, San Francisco Symphony

” The piano was SO fantastik to play! All in all, it made me feel enormously grateful to you. What a HUGE difference from what was there before. Thanks again for all you’ve done to help us, Russell. All your good karma will come back to you tenfold. The feeling at the Freight is so good these days. Word is getting around fast that it is THE place to play.”
Barbara Higbie
Recording Artist, Board Member – Freight & Salvage, Berkeley

“R. KASSMAN Piano provides excellent pianos and the best service to back them up. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else in the Bay Area.”
Michael Feinstein

“Let me just say that…our new Sauter…piano is almost stunning beyond words – it is indeed a piece of art that adds a certain panache to the room. Please accept our sincere gratitude for all you have done.”
John Goldman
President, San Francisco Symphony

“I thought the Steingraeber sounded fantastic and was a key component of our success. Looking forward to working with you again next summer!”
Charles Letourneu
IMG Artist Management; Director, Festival Del Sole – Napa

“Whether enjoying dinner and dancing music during a tropical thundershower in the Tonga Room, or the golden sounds of Peter Mintun in Mason’s Restaurant, our guests deserve to listen to the best. R. KASSMAN Piano provides the finest instruments. Russell Kassman has supplied pianos in our Chicago, San Jose, New Orleans, Dallas, and San Francisco hotels. Over the years, the quality of the instruments and service has never varied; always excellent.”
Richard I. Swig
President and Chief Executive Officer, Fairmont Hotels

“Since coming to San Francisco, I have been tremendously impressed by the quality of service and ongoing assistance in piano supply and maintenance provided by R. KASSMAN Piano, both in the requirements for quality instruments in my work at the San Francisco Opera and for private study at home. I would like to commend this service most highly and to thank Russell Kassman and R. KASSMAN Piano for their thorough attention to every detail in this respect.”
Ian Robertson
Chorus Director, San Francisco Opera; Director, San Francisco Boy’s Chorus

“The California Piano Institute congratulates R. KASSMAN on its new home and is looking forward to continuing to enjoy R. KASSMAN’s pianos and piano services in the Bay Area. R. KASSMAN Piano’s commitment to provide to quality pianos and adjust them to our necessities and acoustic conditions is unique.”
Haggai Niv
Director, The California Piano Institute

“Thank you, Russell Kassman. You have contributed with extraordinary generosity, compassion, and integrity to the growth of our Chorus. Because your personal dedication to music making is so clearly at the heart of your business, the artists of our community are most privileged to work with you.”
Elizabeth Appling
Artistic Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Russell Kassman for several years, and have great respect of the service he provides to the San Francisco arts community. As Musical Administrator of the San Francisco Opera, I have found his help invaluable in providing and maintaining pianos for the use of our singers and music staff. The high quality of his instruments and the fine attention he provides to our special and sometimes short-notice or unusual needs have made our association with him extremely rewarding.
I have also had the pleasure of being a private customer of Mr. Kassman, and have been personally very pleased with the excellent grand piano I purchased from his dealership. He sells fine quality pianos at very reasonable prices, and has the expertise and the professionalism to give the very best of service. I extend my best wishes to Russell and all of his staff, and look forward to our future association in the business of making music.”
Dr. Clifford (Kip) Cranna
Musical Administrator, San Francisco Opera

“Bravo to Russell Kassman for his many years of gracious service to the Bay Area musical community. Russell has made so much possible to so many different types of organizations. One always knows that musical and professional quality are standard procedure when dealing with Russell Kassman. May he enjoy many wonderful years in his fine new location.”
Louis Magor
Director, Seattle Bach Chorus; Director, California Symphony Chorus

“I have always used a Steinway grand for my homework in Europe. But my old piano teacher, who had studied with Arthur Schnabel, was a devoted Bechstein player. Since Mr. KASSMAN in San Francisco introduced me to recent Bechsteins, I am now beginning to understand why my teacher was so devoted. The Bechstein factory in Berlin suffered greatly through the two world wars, but has now made an admirable comeback. Their instruments have a silvery, brilliant ring very much of their own, and it is a joy to play them.”
Herbert Blomstedt
Music Director, San Francisco Symphony

“This is an excellent opportunity to tell you how grateful I am for your generous loan of the Bechstein. As you know, I have been working on a new piano concerto, a commission from the San Francisco Symphony. I must tell you, I have found the Bechstein to be a real inspiration – composing the concerto has been a singular pleasure. Best wishes for much success in your new home.”
George Perle
Composer in Residence, San Francisco Symphony

“Community Music Center offers its heartiest congratulations to Russell Kassman and R. KASSMAN Piano. We are most appreciative of the civic-mindedness of R. KASSMAN which, in the past, has sponsored piano scholarships at Community Music Center and donated a piano for raffle in support of Music Center scholarship programs.”
Stephen R. Shapiro
Executive Director, Community Music Center


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