I Want To Learn To Play The Piano – What Now?

UH OH!!!

UH OH!!! Your kid walks in and says ” I want to learn to play the piano”. As you stare into their face you can’t decide if this is just a passing fancy or if they are going to be the next Elton John.  Your thoughts are “what now?” You have no idea what that even means. Sound familiar…?

Naturally, this is a conversation that I have weekly with parents. “We’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars yet.” “We can buy a keyboard for $500”. “I believe in my kid, BUT”. “I can’t afford it”. These are all very

Renowned Swiss Piano Expert Stephan Mohler to debut Kayserburg pianos

Swiss piano expert, and Guangzhou Pearl River piano production director Stephan Mohler will present the new Kayserburg Artist piano line in its USA debut at R.KASSMAN piano on Sunday, January 20th. Mohler, the former Chief of production for C. Bechstein pianos of Berlin, Germany, will present the product details of the recently designed pianos by famed piano designer Lothar Thomma at a performance, presentation and reception featuring the new instrument. To build this instrument, Mohler created a “factory within a factory” at the Guangzhou facility, personally selecting the craftsman to work with him to build the pianos in the European

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