Buying A New Piano

Buying A New Piano

Investigate buying a New Piano How To Buy A New Piano

So you finally decided it’s time to buy a new piano.  Oh My!  What now?

Buying a new piano can feel like a chore. Each dealership has a different way of doing things. Sometimes you walk away thinking you made a mistake by not buying right then and there and the next time you can’t wait to get away from the slick-talking salesman and the endless gimmicks.  I know exactly how you feel.

A piano can be a great addition to

How To Confidently Buy A Used Piano

Here are some tips on how to confidently buy a used piano:

Do your research.

Before you start shopping, learn as much as you can about different types of pianos, brands, and prices. This will help you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision. There are quite a few websites dedicated to learning about pianos in general.  I find using the companies’ websites most helpful because you will find the most recent information and specifications there. They may even have some insight on how to confidently buy a used piano.

A Woman Reshaped Pianos Forever

A Woman Reshaped Pianos Forever

Amazing Women - A Woman Reshaped Pianos Forever Nannette Streicher reshaped the piano industry

Talk about amazing women, Nannette Streicher was a woman that reshaped the piano-making process from a very early age against all odds. Nannette was a pioneering piano maker of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Born in 1769 in Augsburg, Germany, she was the daughter of the renowned violin maker Johann Andreas Stein and grew up surrounded by music and musical instruments.

As a young woman, Nannette began working

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