Buy The Right Piano

Buy The Right Piano

Not A Good Choice

How do I buy the right piano?

Few things in life can be as frustrating as attempting to purchase services or goods you
know nothing about. Hiring a plumber, car mechanic, or even a doctor, finding
accurate and honest information can be frustrating and confusing. For most consumers,
buying a piano is one of those challenging tasks. It can even feel “icky” sometimes.


Searching For Information

Which way do I go?

Puzzled, Confused

In today’s technology environment, most piano buyers first search for
information on the internet. The internet is filled with both good and bad
advice. Often, websites are filled with inaccurate information
about their products, and those of their competition. Prices are all over the map. You read that one brand is the choice
of a Symphony and later read that the same brand has warranty
problems or construction methods. What do you do? Who do you trust?

Consequently, many piano consumers turn to others for advice. Buy The Right Piano for you. While this seems like
an unbiased method only to learn that their bias is not necessarily in line with yours.   It doesn’t take long for a potential piano
buyer to become overwhelmed and re-considering the purchase altogether.

What Is The Answer?

This is where to find the answer.

What you may fail to realize is that the answer is already in their own two hands residing in their own two ears.

Obviously, we are living in a time where almost every new piano being built is crafted to last a
long time. Poor-quality pianos are largely a thing of the past.  Today, pianos are
manufactured in more than 18 countries. You Want To Buy The Right Piano. Some pianos are $5,000 and some are $50,000, and you come to realize you
have no idea what to do. The answer is really quite simple.

  1. Listen to all of them. You don’t have to be a chef to know what tastes you prefer.  Similarly, you don’t have to play to know what
    sound you like. If you like the way the piano sounds and feels as good TAKE IT! Buy the
    one YOU like. Once you have developed your ears and preferences you can always trade up when you feel more comfortable.
  2. Involve the person who is playing.  Whether they have taken for one week, one month, or one year, INVOLVE them in the decision and TRUST their judgment. Have them play, even just a scale, on the ones in your budget. Trust what they tell you they feel and hear. It doesn’t take a professional to feel the differences in actions (key weight/sensitivity).
  3. Trust the person you are buying from.  If you feel “icky” or pressured, walk away. Keep your money in your pocket. The way you are treated in the showroom is the experience you will have after you buy.

Why Buy From R. Kassman?

For over 40 years R.KASSMAN has had a proud legacy of procuring and
offering for sale only the finest quality pianos in the Bay Area at every price point. You may be
looking for a used $2,000 console or a Concert Grand.  I work very hard to make the customer experience be pleasurable. Rest assured that your purchase from R. KASSMAN has been thoroughly inspected. We want to portray the highest standards of performance and tone quality possible. I try to maintain of being the best piano store in the Bay Area.

Finally, at the end of the day, trust yourself, and come spend some time with us to let us lay out the choices and
guide you through possibilities. At the end of the day, what you hear and what you feel
are the only things that matter.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Ric Overton

R. Kassman Piano

843 Gilman St.

Berkeley, CA 94710