Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos

Last week, I wrote an article delving into the fascinating history of Baldwin Piano and their remarkable contributions to the art of piano craftsmanship. I

Baldwin Piano Company

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extensively explored their deep-rooted heritage, tracing their origins and highlighting their present achievements. As evident from my article, comprehending the profound impact they have had on the piano industry requires careful examination.Countless piano companies throughout the years have left an indelible mark on the industry, but their sheer number is too extensive to mention.

What Best Suits Your Needs?

It can be bewildering and challenging to determine what suits you best on your quest to find the ultimate piano. That’s why I thought it was important to write an article about Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos because that is the question I hear most often.  However, it’s crucial to grasp the art of comparing apples to apples, as salespeople often tend to steer you towards choices that primarily benefit them.

Alright, let me break it down for you and give you a clear understanding of how to compare Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos. It’s important to make fair comparisons in order to truly appreciate their differences when you see and hear them side by side.

Many customers who visit my store often inquire about the superiority of Steinway vs. Yamaha. Some might compare Steingraeber vs. Kawai, and so on. My usual response to these questions is that you can’t compare them directly because they are completely different in every aspect. It’s like asking whether a Rolex is better than a Timex or if a Toyota is better than a Jaguar. They both do the same thing essentially. It would depend on your needs and expectations.

Your Answer Is Found Within The Question

The solution can be found within the question. How do you compare Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos. How do you define the term “better”? In the examples mentioned above, you have been asking about an apple while looking at an orange. Hopefully, this will assist you in achieving a clearer

Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos

Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos

understanding of the distinctions. Put simply, how can you compare something that costs $50,000 or more to something that is sold for under $10,000?

What do your truly desire?

The first aspect to contemplate is what you truly desire. Are you in a position to invest in an upright piano that exceeds $10,000? If so, then you have a vast array of pianos to select from. However, if you need to remain within a budget of less than $10,000, your choices become more limited. And if you find yourself confined to a $5,000 price range, your options become even more restricted, especially if you prefer purchasing a new piano. Since I am specifically addressing new purchases, I will focus solely on new pianos.

Let me clarify this a bit more. Why are you comparing a piano that costs $7,500 to one that costs $50,000 or more? It’s important to really think about this question. Recently, a customer asked me how the Baldwin BP1 compares to the Steinway K52. The BP1 may be priced around $8,000 while the Steinway exceeds $50,000. In response, I simply pointed out that they weren’t comparing similar things.


When people start searching for a new piano and go from store to store, looking at different brands, it can quickly become confusing. One salesperson claims one thing is superior, while another salesperson says something else is better. Who is right? The key is to carefully listen to what is being said and determine if the statements actually make logical sense.

One example comes from a company that strongly advises against purchasing any used item with their brand name until you have checked its country of origin. Wait, what? So, let me get this straight: does this mean that if I buy a piano in Arizona with a humidity level of 10%, it won’t work in Florida with its 80% humidity? Or are they trying to say that a piano bought in Wisconsin, where temperatures can drop to below zero, is no good in Texas? This just doesn’t make sense and never will. Is this supposed to be good salesmanship? Well, it all depends on whether you choose to believe them or not.

Baldwin Stacks Up With Anyone

Listen up, folks! When comparing the Baldwin piano of today with any other major competitor in the same category, it’s as simple as this. Baldwin provides an incredibly rich, powerful, and full-bodied sound and feel, unlike most of its counterparts in the same category. These  pianos tend to have a thinner and almost

Buying an Upright PIano

Buying a New Piano

percussive sound, lacking the depth and richness of the American-designed Baldwin.  Furthermore, the touch is not light and offers a velvety smoothness in comparison.

When the day comes to a close, I urge you to compare Baldwin with any piano in its category on the current market. To my knowledge, there are absolutely no pianos being sold in the United States that will deteriorate or become worthless anytime soon. Not a single one! I do believe that Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos offers a unique experience that Yamaha doesn’t offer. It’s not that Yamaha builds a bad piano – they don’t but the beauty of the sound is only found in the ears of the player.

Do Your Own Research

Exercise caution in what you choose to believe, and ensure to thoroughly research before making your ultimate decision.

I want to clarify that I do not believe Yamaha is a poor-quality piano, despite how some may interpret my headline. What I do believe is that you may be paying a significant amount of extra money for advertising and promoting the company. In my opinion, Baldwin is comparable to Yamaha in certain aspects. However, it’s important to remember that comparing Baldwin Upright Pianos vs. Yamaha Upright Pianos is not an entirely fair comparison.

Let Your Own Ears Hear

Let your ears experience the magic.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you take the time to consider an option with Baldwin. Countless individuals have done so and have been absolutely thrilled with their decision.

I had the amazing opportunity to work for Baldwin for an extensive period of time. The camaraderie among the company personnel was incredible. I had the privilege of traveling across the United States, representing Baldwin, and I take immense pride in those memories. My pride for Baldwin was strong during my time with them, and it continues to burn brightly today.

For many years, R. Kassman has been a trusted carrier of Baldwin Pianos. We have put in countless hours of hard work to maintain this line because we firmly believe in its rich American heritage and its exceptional design and manufacturing. We believe that R. Kassman is the best piano store in the Bay Area so take a few extra minutes and stop by.

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