Baldwin Acrosonic Piano

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano initially intended to signify an uproar or sound that went beyond the speed of sound itself and even further. Nevertheless, an improved definition, as per the esteemed ““, would be:

 Acrosonic is a combination of two words. They are ‘acropolis’ and ‘sonic’. Greek word ‘acropolis’ means something extreme for example a peak or a height. ‘Sonic’ refers to sound, which comes from the Latin word ‘sonus’. This implies that Acrosonic piano is a type of piano that can produce a wide variety of tones.

So What’s The Story?

Back in the day, the Baldwin Piano Company was all like, “Hey, let’s slap the word Acrosonic  on this bad boy!” They did it in 1895, on one of their early pianos. And get this, the first piano to bear this name had the serial number “2000”. But hold up, it wasn’t until 1936 that the Baldwin Acrosonic became an official series name. So you might be sitting on an older piano with Acrosonic on it, but the real deal, the series that Baldwin actually started manufacturing in 1935, didn’t hit the market until 1936.

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Company

Original Baldwin Headquarters

Small space for Baldwin Acrosonic

This was a cramped space with a Baldwin Acrosonic piano

Back in the day, Baldwin Acrosonic Piano was specifically crafted for  folks residing in cramped apartments. Baldwin had their thinking caps on and came up with this brilliant line to tackle the problem of limited space during the first baby boom right after WWII. Most of these early Acrosonics were snazzy 34″ to 38″ spinets that were a breeze to shuffle around and didn’t hog up too much precious real estate. Don’t you worry, they still packed a punch with 88 keys, but the clever design allowed for a slightly slimmer profile.

Oh, boy, you wouldn’t believe it! Baldwin decided to put the name Acrosonic on a bunch of their console models throughout the years. But let me tell you, the Acrosonic spinet became such a huge hit that they decided to stick with that name for the spinets until they stopped making them in the 90s. Can you believe it?

Pretty much everyone would concur that the Acrosonic was an absolute beast of a piano. It easily bested all those measly competitors attempting to create a piano of comparable proportions during that era. The brand persisted in various forms for a good number of years.

Baldwin Acrosonic OR Acrosonic by Baldwin

Listen up, folks! Now here’s a fun fact for you: chances are, you either own or have laid eyes on either Acrosonic by Baldwin or a Baldwin Acrosonic. Yeah, that’s right, there were not one, but two different lines.So get a load of this: if you happen to be ogling at the keycover, you’ll spot the name

smack dab in the center

Baldwin with Acrosonic on the side

Baldwin Acrosonic Series

. And if you shift your attention to the right-hand side, you’ll catch a glimpse of “by Baldwin”. But hold your horses, because on other snazzy models, it’s Baldwin that takes the spotlight right in the middle of that keycover with the name Acrosonic off to the side.

Acrosonic By Baldwin

Acrosonic In The Center “By Baldwin” On The Side

Pretty cool, huh?

Contrary to popular belief, the Baldwin Acrosonic Piano was more than just your average spinet piano. Baldwin, being the genius that they are, didn’t stop at the spinet design. They went on to create the Baldwin Acrosonic Piano console, which stood strong until the American plant’s closure in 2008.

Acrosonic Was A Very Famous Brand For Baldwin

Oh, and let me tell you, the Baldwin Acrosonic Piano name was as famous then as hearing the word “Yamaha” now. It quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the market. People were so hyped about Acrosonic that they even recognized the name more than Baldwin itself. And get this, there were plenty of folks who knew and loved Acrosonic but had no idea it was Baldwin who made them. Talk about a plot twist!

New Changes To Baldwin Acrosonic Piano

In 2019, Baldwin decided to bring back the famous Acrosonic name for their pianos that are assembled in China. Yes, you heard it right, Baldwin has their own piano manufacturing plant in China for their upright models. Oh, and did I mention they also still make pianos under the name Baldwin – Hamilton? But that’s a story for another time.Now, let’s talk about the beloved Acrosonic piano. After diving into countless articles and opinions, it’s clear that people have a soft spot for this instrument. Sure, it wasn’t the cheapest option out there, but just the name itself carried a certain prestige that made it stand out from the crowd.While

Acrosonics were a rare sight in Asia due to distribution difficulties, they were more plentiful in Europe. Our relationship with Europe was top-notch back in the day, and those lucky enough to hear an Acrosonic during their travels were eager to own one. So, in the early 50s, Baldwin expanded their distribution to Europe to keep up with the demand.

Baldwin Acrosonic pianos came in a variety of fabulous models. The top-notch choice was the fancy furniture styles crafted from stunning walnut, oak, pecan, mahogany, cherry, and even trendy black and white options.

 True Interior Design For Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Models

Fancy Baldwin Acrosonic

Fancy Baldwin Acrosonic

Now, let’s not forget about those marvelous legs! They came in all sorts of captivating forms: sleek straight legs, dazzling round legs with a touch of piping, and the oh-so-classy French provincial styling. And guess what? Each leg had its own mesmerizing array of colors and styles. It’s like a leg fashion show, but for pianos!

Oh, and the music desks? Talk about diversity! Some were absolute showstoppers, adorned with intricate decorations that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Meanwhile, others were more on the plain side, keeping it simple and straightforward. You know, for those who appreciate a minimalist approach.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the genius behind the Acrosonic from a marketing and sales standpoint. It’s pure brilliance, my friend. You see, Baldwin was already a major player in the U.S. piano scene. And by slapping the name Acrosonic on their pianos, they could easily swing into multiple dealerships in the same market. Talk about a savvy move!

Incredible Sales Of Baldwin Acrosonic Pianos

It’s been guesstimated by some  folks that Baldwin managed to sell a whopping 1,000,000 Acrosonic pianos, yes, you heard it right, one million Acrosonic pianos.

Now, don’t quote me on this, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that this series holds the title for being the most popular piano series in the whole piano industry. And get this, we’re talking about just one series here. This didn’t even include the Baldwin, Hamilton or Howard series, just the Acrosonic.

Let me tell ya, that Baldwin Acrosonic Piano name really gave Baldwin’s popularity a kickstart and boy did it stick around longer than anticipated. Seeing that name from 1936 all the way up to 2023 is quite a feat, if you ask me. They tried to pull the plug on the name a few times, but it kept bouncing back like a boomerang, all thanks to its immense popularity.

Present Day Baldwin Apartments

Present Day Baldwin Apartments

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano In A Piano Store Near Me

But hold your horses, the story isn’t over yet! Today, you can still catch a glimpse of the Acrosonic magic in various models that R. Kassman Piano is proud to showcase. If you want to see the newest Baldwin Acrosonic Piano models and find yourself wanting a visit to one of the finest piano dealers in the Bay Area, feel free to swing by anytime. I’ll give you the grand tour of this iconic brand and series: The Baldwin Acrosonic.

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