A Woman Reshaped Pianos Forever

Amazing Women - A Woman Reshaped Pianos Forever

Nannette Streicher reshaped the piano industry

Talk about amazing women, Nannette Streicher was a woman that reshaped the piano-making process from a very early age against all odds. Nannette was a pioneering piano maker of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Born in 1769 in Augsburg, Germany, she was the daughter of the renowned violin maker Johann Andreas Stein and grew up surrounded by music and musical instruments.

As a young woman, Nannette began working in her father’s workshop, where she learned the art of piano making. She soon became a skilled craftsman and was renowned for her ability to build pianos of exceptional quality. In 1794, she married Johann Andreas Streicher, a fellow piano maker, and together they set up their own workshop in Vienna, which quickly became a hub for musicians and composers of the time.

Nannette’s Accomplishments Were Popular

Nannette Streicher’s pianos were highly sought after by many famous musicians, including Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert, who both owned pianos made by Streicher. Beethoven in particular was a close friend of Nannette and the Streicher family and often visited their workshop to try out new pianos and give feedback on their design and construction. Nannette Streicher’s pianos were known for their rich, warm sound and their exceptional touch and responsiveness, and they became widely regarded as some of the finest instruments of the time.

One of Streicher’s most significant contributions to piano-making which helped reshape the piano industry was her participation in developing the “Viennese action,” a major innovation in the design of piano keyboards. The Viennese action was a significant improvement over earlier keyboard designs, which used a more cumbersome and less responsive mechanism. This new design was lighter and more precise, allowing for faster and more intricate playing, and it quickly became popular with musicians and composers throughout Europe. Amazing Women……..

New Stability For The Piano

Another important innovation that Streicher her help in introducing the use of partial metal frame elements in piano construction. Prior to Streicher’s time, most pianos were built with complete wooden frames, which were often prone to warping and cracking. The use of metal frame parts not only made pianos more durable and long-lasting but also allowed for greater precision in the tuning and voicing of the instrument.

Streicher’s success as a piano maker was all the more remarkable given the challenges she faced as a woman in a male-dominated profession. Little did her colleagues know that this woman was reshaping their industry.  At the time, it was considered highly unusual for a woman to work as a piano maker, and Streicher was often subjected to discrimination and skepticism from her male colleagues. However, she persevered in the face of these obstacles, and her work ultimately earned her a reputation as one of the most skilled and innovative piano makers of her time.

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How A Woman Reshaped The Piano And History

Today, Streicher’s legacy continues to inspire and influence piano makers and musicians around the world. Her innovative designs and commitment to excellence set a standard for piano making that is still revered today, and her work helped to establish the piano as one of the most important instruments in classical music. Streicher’s contributions to music and piano making will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come. Here is a fantastic video of a Nannette Stein Piano in use: https://youtu.be/ezd3I0HCiV4

Nannette’s Was One Of The Most Amazing Women In The Piano Industry

Nannette’s reputation as a piano builder was amazing.  Particularly in the time frame of her career.  Her constituents had no other choice but to pay attention to what she was doing. Her harshest critics were forced to acknowledge her innovations because she became the most popular piano builder of her time.  Many piano builders can be traced back to this heroin of the piano industry.

Nannette will go down as one of the most amazing women in the piano industry.

Much of this content can be found here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nannette_Streicher 

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