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Founded in 1795, during the lifetimes of composers including Haydn and Beethoven, Ritmüller was one of the first piano factories in Germany. Well known for generations as innovators, Ritmüller created the double soundboard which produces the characteristic warm rich tone now known as the “special European sound”. Today, renowned Swiss piano designer Lothar Thomma, using a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern computerized manufacturing, has re-engineered the entire Ritmüller piano line to reflect it’s classic heritage and a new standard of excellence. Each Ritmüller piano is crafted paying particular attention to a high level of piano voicing demanded by the most discriminating pianists. The playing mechanism, with Renner-type whippens and highly responsive action parts, rewards the pianist with sensitive response, clarity of tone and a crisp touch. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the Ritmüller pianos are as pleasing to the eye as to the ear.

Giving credence to the remarkable design and performance capability of these pianos is the fact that the internationally famous Freight and Salvage performance venue recently purchased the new Ritmüller 212 for its new multi-million dollar theater in Berkeley.

Ritmüller GH170R

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Renowned Swiss piano scale designer Lothar Thomma, who won accolades for his redesign of the C. Bechstein line of pianos in the 1980’s and who regularly consults for manufacturers Steingraeber and Fazioli, has recently redesigned the entire line of Ritmüller pianos. Mr. Thomma’s legendary expertise has strengthened Ritmüller’s impeccable European lineage, resulting in pianos of distinction and incomparable value. Mr. Thomma has positioned Ritmüller at the pinnacle of the Pearl River manufacturing line-up which includes the brands Pearl River, Yamaha, Essex (built for Steinway) and Ritmüller. Each Ritmüller receives the finest materials and craftsmanship available in their array of products.

The entire Ritmüller product line is nothing short of magnificent!…..EST 1795.

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Musicians choose R. KASSMAN above all San Francisco Bay Area piano shops because of our exceptional selection of custom, new and used pianos and our knowledgeable, experienced customer service. Come into our Berkeley, California piano showroom to see, touch, and play our exquisite Ritmüller pianos for yourself.

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