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Our Pianos

Since 1979, R. KASSMAN has offered the finest selection of keyboard instruments in North America. We routinely search every corner of the world to bring you a varied collection of pianos that reflect the highest standards of craftsmanship and modern technology. R. KASSMAN is dedicated to offering incomparable value whether you desire a space-efficient upright or the grandest of grands.

We know that a wide selection of models and styles is important to you, and R. KASSMAN has the finest selection of pianos in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because we have maintained close relationships with piano makers for decades, our access and selection are virtually limitless. We are able to arrange for instruments from the standard to completely custom designs to suit your needs and taste.

Owning a Piece of History and Making Your Own
All piano makers represented by R. KASSMAN have long and illustrious histories, boasting lists of owners that are a virtual “Who’s Who” of history’s famed pianists, composers, conductors, chamber musicians, pop artists and celebrities, all of whom chose the most discerning of pianos for their own use and in so doing became part of the history and lore R. KASSMAN represents. When you choose an instrument from R. KASSMAN, you become part of this legacy. Create a musical legacy of your own by selecting a piano that will give you, your family and friends many years of enjoyment that will be cherished for generations.

Outstanding Value and Unparalleled Excellence
R. KASSMAN continues to hold its dedication to providing you with outstanding value. In our Berkeley, California piano showroom you will have the chance to play and purchase instruments of unparalleled quality and value. Click on the images above for partial listing of the fine piano manufacturers we represent, stocking both new and previously owned instruments.

Restored and Previously Owned Instruments
R.KASSMAN has a vast collection of previously owned and restored, vintage instruments from such famous piano manufacturers as:

Steinway · C.Bechstein · Yamaha · Kawai · Petrof · Baldwin

Each piano is thoroughly examined by our technicians, and carries a full warranty.

Click here to view our selection of quality used pianos.