Bring home a piece of musical history with R. KASSMAN.
Our ever-changing selection of previously owned pianos is comprised of many of the most renowned instruments you’ll find anywhere, such as Steinway, C. Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai and most others. At R. KASSMAN, we thoroughly inspect every piano we offer in order to verify that each meets its original performance specifications, and our expert technicians routinely restore them to original condition.
These meticulously refurbished instruments will bring a sound and aesthetic to your home that is nothing short of unique and majestic.
See below to view our current selection of previously owned pianos. Keep in mind that our collection changes regularly, so to see our most recent acquisitions, visit our showroom in Berkley.

Current Selection
Below is a sampling of some of our current pre-owned inventory

Estonia Model 190 – 6.2 Parlor Grand Piano in Ebony


Today’s Estonia pianos are the darling of the piano world and are rated amongst the best pianos built today. This Piano, produced in 1998, has had only one owner, and was meticulously maintained to the highest standards. It has a lush, full European sound and sensitive mechanism – comparable to Bösendorfer, C. Bechstein and Blüthner, yet is priced comparably to a Yamaha C3 or Kawai GX3. If you’ve been dreaming of a truly European piano and have a limited budget, this is your piano!

Steinway D – 9′ Concert Grand – Classic Ebonized Finish

Wait until you hear this piano ROAR! The undisputed King of Concert instruments, this Steinway D is a glorious sounding beast. Originally crafted in 1916, when quality was paramount to profit and during Steinway’s “Golden Era,” the piano was just completely restored using only genuine Steinway parts and to original Steinway specifications by Certified craftsmen. Steinway claims that this piano’s powerful bass and resonant treble is the standard by which all other concert grand pianos are measured. Completely warranted for 5 years (just like a new Steinway), the piano is a pianists and investors dream.

$ 89,500


Petrof 5’8 Model IV Grand Piano


Petrof, the Czech Republic’s oldest piano maker, crafted this piano in 2004. This used grand piano, 170cm (5’8) in length was purchased new in 2005 and was made 100% in the Czech factory. It is a beautiful instrument, with Renner action components and a gleaming dark Mahogany finish to its cabinet. With a complete warranty and matching bench, this piano is ready for years of musical enjoyment.


Yamaha U1 48″ Studio Upright – Ebony


The Yamaha U1 is the most popular of Yamaha’s upright pianos. Purchased new in 1989, from local Yamaha dealer Piedmont Piano, this upright has been owned by only one family. The piano has a nice sound and is not too bright considering its a Yamaha. If you’re looking for a Yamaha upright, this is a good one at a reasonable price, and has a full 5-year warranty.

Sauter 130 Professional Upright – Polished Ebony


 Sauter, one of the World’s oldest piano factories, produces uprights of exquisite quality. With patented R2 action components, built by Renner in Stuttgart, these uprights favorably compare to any small grand piano, and will outperform many parlor grands. The Sauter 50″ 130 is a masterclass in how to build quality uprights. Completely tropicalized and with a Ceresa soundboard, from the region where Stradivarius selected his violin wood, these upright pianos will satisfy any professional pianist. RARELY do we see a used one, and this piano is a perfect specimen. We have a new one, sitting next to it, at double the price.


Petrof 51″ Professional Upright Piano – Ebony


Petrof,made in Czech Republic, is Europe’s budget instrument  . This 51″ professional upright piano, finished in polished ebony, was purchased new  in 2001 and is in great condition. Compare this sound to any Steinway, Yamaha or Kawai professional uprights and you will instantly understand why this amazing piano is unbeatable at this price point.

Own a European piano for the price of a Yamaha U3!

Steinway 5’10 Parlor Grand Piano


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced vintage Steinway, with original soundboard, but don’t want to spend a fortune in restoration costs, this is your piano. Crafted in 1969, but purchased new from local dealer Sherman Clay in 1971, this Steinway Model L  has been in one family only and has been meticulously maintained. It has a lovely mahogany finish, original matching bench, and a wonderful tone and touch. Concert tuned and regulated, it is fully guaranteed for 5 years, just like a new one. New from Steinway, this piano currently sells for $91,100.

Yamaha 6′ Parlor Grand



Virtually the same as the Yamaha C3, the G3 was Yamaha’s signature grand piano in the 1980’s before the C series was introduced. Built in late 1981, this instrument has just been “refreshed” with new strings and tuning pins. It has a typical Yamaha sound of the era, and is warmer than the sound profile of current Yamaha products. You will be amazed at the value this piano represents, with a full warranty and matching artist bench.


Baldwin 5’10 Parlor Grand Piano in American Mahogany


Baldwin, America’s Favorite Piano builder, has been crafting this piano in mahogany (aka Duncan Phyfe mahogany) since the 1920’s. This piano is a 2015 vintage, comes with a complete 10 year warranty, and is perfect in every way. Baldwin’s solid American Sitka Spruce soundboard produces a warmth of sound, and clarity of tone, that simply cannot be beat by any other American or Asian manufacturer. Baldwin’s patented action is lightning quick and will meet the most demanding performance expectations. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Steinway Model M 5’7 Baby Grand Piano in Ebony


GOLDEN ERA, 1921 Classic Steinway grand, in hand-rubbed Ebony, with ORIGINAL perfect soundboard. This instrument was just restored using ONLY genuine American Steinway parts by Certified Technicians! While this “baby” grand is small in stature, has the depth and warmth of sound that has made Steinway a hallmark of the American Piano sound. The exquisite performance make this piano an enviable investment for the novice or professional. Completely warranted, and with matching artist bench, this instrument is an excellent value (a new one is $63,100).

Sauter 6’1 Parlor Grand Piano


STOP Looking… if you have been searching for the piano of your dreams, you have found it. Sauter, the World’s oldest factory still owned by the original family, is considered one of the finest pianos in the world. Each piano is crafted by hand in the Schwartzwald (black forest) of Germany and are renowned for their lush, deep sound and exquisite cabinetry. This 1991 Parlor Grand is perfect for the professional seeking a performance instrument with a modest footprint. Compare this instrument to any Steinway A or B, and you will instantly understand the accolades it receives.

Steinway – Vintage Studio Piano


They certainly don’t make them like they used to, and this piano is a perfect example. Originally purchased in 1939, and in the SAME family all this time, this is a perfect addition to any family. Gorgeous American Walnut cabinetry with “Pineapple” design legs, this Steinway is a professional upright for the novice and aficionado. A similar, but less desirable, new Steinway is $38,400. With relatively new genuine Steinway hammers, and recent new strings, this piano is ready for another 50 years, and it is fully warranted with a 5 year guarantee.


Own a Steinway piano for the price of a Yamaha U1!


Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand – Polished Ebony

Built in 2009 and purchased new in 2010, the is a supreme Concert Grand. With its dramatic presence and emotional sonority, this classic Viennese instrument is the ultimate representative of the sweet “Chamber Music” and Sacher Torte richness of music and instruments from this area of Europe.  Its massive soundboard and extra bass strings in the subcontra octave  extend the tonal range and create additional harmonic resonance throughout the whole instrument.



2015 Baldwin 52″ Professional Upright


Baldwin, America’s Favorite Piano, has been building this 52″ upright since the early 1920’s. It has earned wide acclaim as the standard by which all other 52″ uprights are measured, and we dare you to compare it to any Steinway K52, Yamaha YUS or Kawai K8. Purchased new in Berkeley in 2015, this is a Satin Ebony (hand rubbed) Professional Upright piano and comes with a matching artist (adjustable) bench. The piano has been tuned and regulated and is in “new” condition, and fully warranted for Ten Years.

U3 1974 (2)

Yamaha U3 Professional Upright


In polished ebony, this gleaming piano looks and performs like new. Built in 1994, the piano was purchased new in San Francisco and has been in the same family ever since. It was just traded in for a German grand piano, and this instrument has a big sound for its pedigree. If you’re looking for a Yamaha upright, you owe it to yourself to try this piano.



2014 Kawai K6 Professional Upright


Purchased new in Berkeley in 2014, this is a Satin Ebony (hand rubbed) Kawai Professional Upright piano with matching bench. The piano has been tuned and regulated and is in “new” condition, and fully warranted for Ten Years.

Baldwin 1925 Restored 6’3 Parlor Grand



Baldwin, America’s Favorite Piano, rivals competitor Steinway as a stalwart in the piano industry. During the “Golden Era” of pianos in the USA, Baldwin was renowned for building the best upright and grand pianos for home and professional use. Completely restored, with all new action components and original soundboard, this GORGEOUS instrument, 6’3 in length, is crafted in Duncan-Phyfe style mahogany and hand-rubbed to a beautiful luster. It has a sonorous tone, and lightning-quick action and rivals any Steinway A or comparable product from any manufacturer.

SCH 120 (1)

Schimmel 48″ Professional Upright


Schimmel, once Germany’s largest piano manufacturer, built quality uprights and grands under the tutelage of Klaus Schimmel, who retired in 2008. Since then, the company is run by his son-in-law and the quality has not been quite to the standard set earlier, but they are still very good instruments. This piano was built in 2010 and has tone properties far exceeding larger pianos. In gleaming German mahogany, the current retail price for this instrument is over $25,000.

Yamaha P22 45″ Studio Uprights


The P22 is Yamaha’s “Institutional” upright piano. Constructed with simple cabinetry, but typical Yamaha touch and tone, the P22 is one of the most popular of Yamaha’s upright pianos. We have 3 (three) used Yamaha P22’s, in both light Oak and dark Pecan.
Purchased new in 2012, from local Yamaha dealer Piedmont Piano, these uprights are in excellent condition, and are excellent “starter” pianos. They are 45″ in height, and the action, hammers, strings and soundboards are all in like-new condition. Each includes a five-year warranty, matching bench and in-home tuning. If you’re looking for a Yamaha upright, these are an excellent value.

Ritmüller 5′ Baby Grand Piano


Designed by C. Bechstein’s famed Lothar Thomma in 2012, this Ritmüller may be small is size, but has the sound and performance of most other 6′ pianos. Larry Fine’s pianos book extols the virtues of this piano with unbridled enthusiasm,  and this stunning cabinet in genuine mahogany, with European round fluted legs is as beautiful to listen to as it is visually. With genuine Renner components, German scaling and strings, and European soundboard, this is an instrument sure to bring musical delight to your family for many years to come. Own a Baby Grand piano for the price of an upright!


Steinway “1098” Professional Studio Piano


A professional upright for the novice and aficionado. The cost new from Steinway is $35,700, but this piano, purchased new in 1990 and lightly used, is one-third the cost. Unlike other manufacturers that mass-produce their uprights, Steinway & Sons uprights are handcrafted in the same factory as their grand pianos, using the same techniques, conditioning processes, and craftsmen. The result is that this upright lives up to the Steinway & Sons name in every respect. Steinway’s  upright pianos take advantage of over 125 patented features and processes, including their patented Diaphragmatic soundboard, Accelerated Action and Hexagrip pinblock.

Own a Steinway piano for the price of a Yamaha U3!


Baldwin  SD10 – 9′ Concert Grand – Hand Rubbed Ebony

The Baldwin SD10 is considered by many to be the finest Concert Grand piano ever built in the USA. Designed during Baldwin’s stewardship as owner of C. Bechstein of Berlin, the SD10 incorporates a full Renner built and designed mechanism, and European precision, with classic American sound. Famously used by such artists as Leonard Bernstein, Jose Iturbe, Michael Feinstein, Ferrante & Teicher, Marian McPartland and other Artists too numerous to mention here, nearly every major American symphony orchestra had an SD10 as one of its two concert instruments. This SD10 has been impeccably restored in our shop to original standards using only genuine and original components from Baldwin and Renner. You simply will not find a better concert grand.


Steinway Model O – 5’11 Parlor Grand Piano


Turn-of-the-Century (1907) Steinway Parlor Grand, this piano represents Steinway’s Golden Era, when quality was paramount. It’s hard to imagine why Steinway abandoned this model in American production (but retained in German (Hamburg) production) and only recently reverting back to this superb instrument. Completely restored, using ONLY genuine American Steinway parts, this 1907 parlor grand is a perfect specimen. With period detailing and typical Steinway performance and tonal quality, this piano is a jewel and will last SEVERAL lifetimes. Currently, an American Steinway O is listed at $76,900. This piano is a wonderful value!


Yamaha U1 48″ Studio Upright – Polished Walnut


2005 Yamaha U1 purchased new locally in 2006. One local owner, this piano has been very well cared for and is like new. The cabinet is a gleaming polished Walnut and the piano has a full warranty.

Chickering Qrtr

Chickering “Quarter” Grand Piano

Perhaps the prettiest piano ever built, your family will enjoy musical evenings for generations to come with this exquisite instrument. Jonas Chickering was a premier piano builder in Boston, and his instruments were among the most coveted ever built, having tonal properties far exceeding their size. The quarter grand, while being only 5’4 in length, can challenge any 6′ grand of the period, and was used by such luminaries as George Gershwin.  With stylistic cabinet appointments, hand carved marquetry and exquisite tone and performance,  these pianos are a rare find. Finished in classic American Mahogany, the piano has genuine brass hardware for period authenticity and many period details, such as genuine Ivory keys. The piano has just been completely restored by Certified Technicians and has a complete 10 year warranty.

*** Price upon request

Stwy L (5)

Steinway Model L 5’10 Parlor Grand Piano


Completely restored, by a Certified Technician using ONLY genuine Steinway parts, this 1951 parlor grand is perfect in every way. Crafted while still under the tutelage of the Steinway family, but with all modern improvements, this instrument is the embodiment of what made Steinway legendary. The cabinet is a deep mahogany color and has PERFECT marketry. Considering its exquisite cabinetry, and the fact that it’s a Steinway, this piano is a wonderful value.

C.BECHSTEIN built – 48″ Professional Upright Piano


This incredible professional upright piano was built by C. BECHSTEIN in Berlin in 1997. It has a Renner Action, which is unbelievably quick and sensitive and more like a grand piano than an upright. It has a solid Bavarian Spruce soundboard that produces a lush full sound. Compare this upright to any Steinway, Yamaha or Kawai grand piano, or even other European grand pianos. It’s absolutely amazing.

Petrof 6’4″ Model III Parlor Grand Piano


Petrof hand crafts pianos in the Czech Republic. This used grand piano, 192cm in length, was purchased new in 1997 from us. It was made 100% by Petrof in the Czech Republic, long before their affiliation with Hailun. It is in excellent condition, just tuned and concert regulated. As a parlor grand, we challenge you to compare this round, lush sound to any Steinway, Yamaha C3 or Kawai Rx2/ RX3 grand piano. It is a wondeful piano and unbeatable at this price point.

W. Hoffmann – 52″ Professional Upright Piano


Designed by the legendary C. BECHSTEIN company, this 2014 professional upright, in gleaming ebony, will satisfy the most demanding musicians. Beautifully designed action plays more like a grand piano than an upright, and the string length produces a grand-like growl missing in most pianos of this size. An additional benefit is the QRS system, which allows one to record or play back, perfect for the composer in you, and also great entertainment.